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Best Masters of Arts (M.A) in Florence in Italy 2019

Students who pursue a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree may enjoy enhanced career prospects and better earning potential. Master’s degrees require more advanced study than undergraduate degrees and may be required before entering a doctorate program.

Florence is one of the most populous city of Italy. This place is known for its Art institutions. Moreover, institutions like Florence University of Arts are dedicated to providing good quality art based education. These educational institutions focus on over all grooming of the students.

MAs in Florence in Italy

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STAR Studium ArchitecturAe Florence Design School

A new concept of master interior design. The characteristic of these courses is that Academic theory is combined with practice on real jobs site. Focuses on the great que ... [+]

Wake Up To Beauty. A New Concept of Interior Design Master

The characteristic of these courses is that Academic theory is combined with practice on real jobs site.

The Master focuses on the great questions of "Beauty" and its identity with advanced methods in design composition. After an introduction to site planning, the course expands on several themes such as homes, green exhibition spaces, international showroom, sustainable offices, and spiritual spaces, delineating expression of a profound knowledge of the spaces, shapes, materials and light design as tools for the expression of our inner self and of the client.

Sketching: Look deeply in your creativity

This course aims to help us understand the core elements of international interior design master projects. Through quick drawing of the fundamental elements of shape, we absorb or express the essence of the design ideas.... [-]

Italy Florence
October 2019
1 year
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James Madison University

Taught exclusively in Florence, Italy, the Master of Arts in political science program focuses on comparative and international politics. This program is designed to dire ... [+]

This program is taught in Florence, Italy.

James Madison University's M.A. program in political science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies (EUPS) is a one-year program based in Florence, Italy. Students become experts in European politics, policy analysis, and the transatlantic relationship in the city that has inspired Dante, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and countless others.

Alumni of the master's program take on positions in government and diplomatic service, international business, non-governmental organizations, and educational/research institutions.

The program features small classes and a dynamic international faculty. Students put their policy analytic skills into practice during summer internships. They take multiple academic trips to Brussels and Strasbourg, where they network with officials in the European Parliament, European Commission, US Department of State, NATO, and elsewhere. They collaborate on team-based projects with masters-level peers from European universities. The program's coursework is in English, but Italian language training is emphasized, starting with full-immersion courses upon arrival.... [-]

Italy Florence
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1 year
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