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Program Description

The globalised nature of modern business means that companies increasingly seek to recruit managers that possess the specialized international expertise and the necessary skills to perform at a high level in multicultural, global settings.

ISCTE Business School is one of the leading business schools in Portugal and offers you an opportunity to master the skills of international management in a multicultural environment.

The programme is taught in English and is open to internationally oriented students with a Bachelor's degree in the area of Management or with relevant experience in international business. This highly competitive academic programme prepares students to act in global business enterprises and internationally-connected organisations.

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Why choose the BA from IBS

  1. A global vision of the business. You will be dealing with cases and issues from the international business world on a regular basis and have a chance to interact with a faculty that has wide-reaching international business experience. Included in the curriculum is a course entitled “Doing Business Internationally.” In addition, the programme explores the world’s fastest-growing economies, such as Brazil, China and India, and takes an in-depth look at the different political, cultural, economic and managerial climates of different geographical zones.

  2. Direct contact with a new environment will be provided in a visit to Barcelona, Spain (mid-week), where you will receive additional exposure to doing business at the international level.

  3. A key emphasis on your own personal development. A parallel programme is offered that enables you to explore and develop relevant aspects of your behaviour, attitude, and personal skills. This focus on personal development is designed, not only to make you better prepared to lead people but to boost your eagerness and ability to foster innovation and embrace change.

  4. An individual business mentor for the top students, who is a senior manager and who will provide advice, counselling and expertise in preparing you for your future professional career.

  5. A networking process of teambuilding and experience-sharing from day one. The programme starts with a kick-off session aimed at accelerating personal contact, team chemistry and programme awareness. This spirit is reinforced year-round with many other activities.

  6. An applied business approach. As a final compulsory requirement, each student has to submit a written project report (the master’s thesis), either after interning in Portugal or abroad, or based on a project selected by the student him/herself that covers a specific business situation and takes in the experiences dealt with in the programme.

  7. Experience of living in one of the safest and most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. With a very competitive cost of living, a warm climate, sandy beaches and a highly cosmopolitan and multicultural population, this is Europe’s west coast capital.

  8. The Master of Science degree after successful completion of the programme.

Tuition 2020/2021

The tuition for the whole programme is 7,350€:
5,750€ in the 1st academic year and 1,600€ in the 2nd academic year (dissertation year).

In the first year, the tuition fee can be paid either in one lump sum or spread over nine instalments.

Application Process 2020/2021

We require the following skills and qualifications from applicants to our International Masters programmes:

  • A bachelors degree awarded by a university or institution of higher education;
  • Proficiency in the English language;
  • The results of an applicant's GMAT or GRE exam, although not mandatory, may enhance their chances of being accepted;
  • Two recommendation letters;
  • A motivation letter;
  • CV;
  • Diploma and Transcript of Records.

Early applications are advised, as the evaluation process is carried out on a first come, first served basis.


Upon request from the Admissions Office you should send (copies of paper and files with scanned documents):

A copy of your official Bachelor degree certificate and any other degrees mentioned in the application form (if applicable)* Academic transcripts of courses and marks (if applicable) Two original photos Copy of your ID Card or Passport (and if applicable of Fiscal Identity Number) GMAT Score – optional *

*In cases where a Diploma is not available but the graduation is expected before September 2020 – we ask students to sign a Declaration of Commitment. The Bachelor's diploma must be provided no later than mid-September.

*The presentation of the GMAT score may enhance the value of your application and may be obligatory in certain cases.

Test results should be sent directly by the ETS (Educational Testing Service) to ISCTE-Business School.


Maria Ana Henriques
Tel.:(+351) 210 464 209

Last updated Feb 2020

About the School

IBS is a pioneer School in the teaching of management and business sciences, and the first where this was an autonomous area as opposed to a subject taught within the field of economics. The links to ... Read More

IBS is a pioneer School in the teaching of management and business sciences, and the first where this was an autonomous area as opposed to a subject taught within the field of economics. The links to the corporate world are a distinctive feature of our School. Since the outset, IBS has relied on the support of invited faculty from the business world whose collaboration has provided valuable input for our curricula. Read less
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