Master in Business Economics and Management


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Program Description

Master of Economics and Management

A master’s degree in business economics and management is an increasingly essential tool in a global economy. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it will give you a solid background in advanced business economics and management and enable you to upgrade your skills in applied contemporary management techniques combined with gained knowledge of international entrepreneurial activities represented by a number of lectured disciplines of four specializations Marketing and Trade, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance, and Accounting and Taxes, for a career in business and entrepreneurship sphere.

After all, today's students are tomorrow's professionals. Come join us in new and modern study programme where cutting-edge research meets with the family atmosphere of the regional university.



  • The submission of an electronic application from December 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020 extended August 31, 2020.
  • The payment of the administrative fee for the admission procedure by April 30, 2020 extended August 31, 2020.
  • Officially certified copies of a diploma proving graduation from Bachelor's, or follow-up Master's degree programmes or Master's degree programme of the same or a similar focus on the enrolment day at the latest.
  • Applicants who have completed a degree study programme abroad (Bachelor´s, follow-up Master´s, Master´s degree programmes), shall substantiate the certified copy or original of the decision on the recognition of foreign higher education in the Czech Republic with documents in the enrolment period at the latest, unless otherwise specified in an international agreement.
  • The successful completion of the admission procedure. An entrance examination is part of the admission procedure, which shall take place in the months of January till June, 2020. The entrance examination will be held online.
  • The payment of the tuition fee in the study degree programme accredited in English shall be made in the enrolment period at the latest. The tuition fee is intended for the entire academic year in advance.

Applicants can apply to the study degree programme in Economics and Management, the field of study Business Economics and Management, the specialization Marketing and Trade.

All activities and related administrative procedures in the context of the above degree study programme and the field of study will be conducted in English. School of Business Administration reserves the right to use electronic communication in communication with the applicant.

Qualifying you for life

The follow-up Master´s degree programme Economics and Management, field of study Business Economics and Management is designed to prepare proactive entrepreneurs, including business professionals and commercial, industrial and public sector managers/leaders, advisors or consultants in multinationals to act in the management functions at all levels demonstrating proficiency in business economics and management and able to create, manage and develop not only in the business community, but also outside of it.

Graduates will have knowledge especially but not only in the fields of strategic management and marketing, finance management, crises management, corporate finance, accounting, taxation, business law, data processing, and will have the capability to evaluate the complex business environment through analytical tools for key decision-making processes. Particular attention is placed on international entrepreneurial activities.

Our former students enjoy careers in many professions, including positions such as financial manager, auditor, marketing executive/analyst/manager, operational and sales manager/export sales representative, HR manager/specialist, business analyst, international business development manager/specialist, consultant or advisers for economic and organizational affairs.

The skills you will acquire will provide you with an excellent foundation for your future life and career.

Study Plan

L - Lecture, S - Seminar, C - Course-credit, E- Exam

1st Semester          
Course L S C E Credits
Microeconomics (advanced) 3 2 x x 6
Statistical Data Processing 2 1   x 5
Strategic Management 2 1   x 6
Managerial Economics 2 2   x 5
International Business Law 2 0   x 5
Strategic Marketing 2 1   x 6
Trade Organizations 2 1   x 5
2nd Semester          
Course L S C E Credits
Macroeconomics (advanced) 3 2 x x 6
Managing Innovation 2 1   x 5
Human Resources Management 2 1   x 5
International Marketing 2 1   x 5
International Financial Management 2 1   x 5
International Taxation and Tax Systems 2 1   x 5
Marketing of Financial Services 2 1   x 4
3rd Semester          
Course L S C E Credits
Master Thesis Seminar 0 2 x   5
Mathematics in Economics 2 1   x 5
Managerial Accounting 1 2   x 5
Marketing Communication 2 2 1   x 5
4th Semester          
Course L S C E Credits
Master Thesis 0 0 x   10
Decision Analysis for Managers 2 1 x   4
Elective courses          
Course L S C E Credits
Corporate Controlling 2 1   x 5
Business Environment 2 0 x   5
Corporate Social Responsibility 2 0   x 5
Crises Management 2 1   x 5
Investment Instruments and Strategies 2 0   x 5
International Business Finance 1 1   x 5

15 credits should be earned from elective courses



Information on the overall results of the admission procedure shall be published within 15 days after the end of the admission procedure on the official notice board and on the website of the Faculty.

Last updated Aug 2020

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The School of Business Administration (SU SBA) located in Karvina is historically the oldest part of the Silesian University. The modern building of the school offers a pleasant atmosphere for its stu ... Read More

The School of Business Administration (SU SBA) located in Karvina is historically the oldest part of the Silesian University. The modern building of the school offers a pleasant atmosphere for its students.The Faculty has a total of about 2 000 registered students (200 of them from abroad) and 80 teachers. The School is oriented towards the education of experts in the economic, financial, social, administrative fields of study as well as computer studies. Read less