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Program Description

Business Process Management (B.P.M.) is on of the three specializations tracks under the Master of Management, which is an international one-year master program (in English) that prepares students for a career in dynamic, international business environments.

The program focuses on confronting students with challenging strategic business problems to familiarize them with all major aspects of a business. The program is tailored at bachelor and master graduates who aim to widen their scope of international management as well as to deepen their knowledge of and capabilities in Business Process Management (B.P.M.), Strategy and Innovation Management (S.I.M.) or International Marketing Strategy (I.M.S.) - three specialization tracks of the program.

The program does not only apply to (business) economics students but also to university graduates in non-economic subject areas, such as engineers, lawyers, psychologists, etc.

The Master of Management program aims to develop the following competencies:

  • The graduate of the Master of Management is capable of identifying and deconstructing complex business problems, stemming from both an organizational and a strategic origin.
  • The graduate is capable of evaluating, selecting, and applying suitable methodologies, tools, and techniques to analyze complex business problems in order to make hands-on, high-quality recommendations to improve both tactic and strategic decisions.
  • The graduate is capable of defending suitable, high-quality business strategy options on the basis of their implications.
  • The graduate is capable of translating strategic decisions into lower-level goals and key performance indicators.
  • The graduate is capable of working in a multinational and interdisciplinary context, with an attitude that reflects the following elements: critical reflection, constructive arguing, professional communication, efficient collaboration, effective self-management, ethical behavior, and sustainability.

Business Process Management (B.P.M.)

The major Business Process Management (B.P.M.) focuses on the managerial and corporate role of information and information systems and technologies in the corporate world, with an emphasis on business processes. The program addresses the way in which particular opportunities and threats in this context should be managed and governed. Graduates gain insight into the interaction between data, processes, information systems, and the way new information technologies create new opportunities for cross-functional business processes. Graduates are trained to analyze problems and to reflect critically on situations by offering a broad set of methodologies and techniques to apply in a process context. Eventually, graduates learn to understand how information systems and technology can support and fuel strategy making, innovation, and new business models in an international context.

Study Program

Core Courses

  • Business Modelling
  • Leadership and Human Capital
  • Applications in Business Modelling

Specialization Courses: Business Process Management

  • ERP-systems
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • IT-Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Master’s dissertation Master of Management

Admission Requirements

Hasselt University will assess students individually on the basis of their previous academic record and qualifications. General requirements imply diploma requirements and language requirements. The Examination Board of the program evaluates each application individually with regard to the applicant’s academic record. Depending on previous qualifications, you may have to complete a preparatory program.

Diploma Requirements

Admitted directly:

  • Holders of (at least) an academic bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, Business Economics, or Business Engineering of an EU university.

Admitted conditionally:

  • Holders of a foreign academic degree in management, business or economics that has been awarded after at least 180 ECTS credits (or three years of full-time study) at a university or institute of higher education may be admitted directly or may be required to take (part of the) preparatory program. The exam committee assesses applications individually.

Admitted to the preparation program:

  • Holders of an academic degree in a field different from the fields mentioned above awarded after at least 180 ECTS credits (or three years of full-time study) at a university or institute of higher education. The exam committee assesses individual applications on whether a partial exemption to the preparatory program can be awarded.
  • Holders of a non-academic degree in the fields of economics, business or management after at least 180 ECTS credits (or three years of full-time study) at an official institute of higher education. The exam committee assesses whether the degree fits in the indicated fields and cannot award exemptions to the preparatory program.

Decisions about admission are made by the Examination Board of the program.

Language Requirements

  • English language skills (both written and spoken) need to be confirmed by a recent score on the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL internet-based: score 80-90) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS overall band score 6.5) or any recognized proficiency test.

How to Enroll

Online pre-registration is compulsory. The Examination Board will only consider duly completed application files. The application file consists of the following items:

  1. Duly completed application form
  2. A photocopy of the obtained diplomas or degree certificates in the original language.
  3. A recent passport photograph.
  4. Translation of university diploma(s) in English by an official translator.
  5. Certified translated hard copies of transcripts of the original records for all programs completed at the university level. The university of origin should provide the transcript of records and a statement in English which explains how the assessment marks assigned are to be converted into the standardized US systems or EU standard ECTS system. The English translation of the transcript of the records must be made by an official translator.
  6. English language skills need to be confirmed (see Language requirements).
  7. APS certificate for all students from the P.R. China (for the student visa). The cost will be refunded to all Chinese students enrolled at Hasselt University.

Deadline for Submission

  • EEA-students: 1st of August
  • Belgian students: 1st of September
  • Non-EEA-students: 1st of April

Applicants will be notified of the Examination Board’s decision as soon as possible. Applicants, who are admitted to the program, will be asked to confirm their application and to pay the tuition fee.

Annual Tuition Fee

  • EEA-students
    • €238.3 + €11,40 per ECTS credit = €922,3* /year for 60 ECTS
  • Non-EEA-students
    • €238.3 + €11,40 per ECTS credit = €922,3* /year for 60 ECTS
    • Mandatory insurance fee of €40 /month

The tuition fee for the preparatory and bridging program depends on the number of ECTS credits you need to obtain.

* Tuition fees are reviewed annually. You are strongly advised to visit our website for the most up-to-date tuition fee information.

Health Insurance

Covering the full period of stay in Belgium, starting on the day of arrival, health insurance is compulsory for all nonEEA-students. The premium amounts to €360 per year. The premium for health insurance must be paid together with the tuition fee. Information about living expenses can be found on our website.


Applicants, who are admitted to the program by the Examination Board will be asked to confirm their application and to pay the tuition fee. Registration of international students is only possible after payment of the tuition fee, augmented with the premium for health insurance (only for non-EEA-students). Payment in cash or by credit card is not possible. As long as a student has not paid all outstanding registration fees the registration is suspended.

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