Master of Urban Management


Program Description

Master of Urban Management

Faculty of Management – CEPT University

Indian cities are growing at a very rapid pace in terms of its population and geography. They need constant attention to maintain the existing structures and manage the future expansion. Urban Management is an upcoming field requiring specialized knowledge of urban settlements and core management principles. Urban Managers focus on understanding how townships and cities function and they strive to improve the technological, operational and financial functioning of cities with the aim of improving livability.

It aspires to bring about notable changes in urban India by creating a pool of high-quality professionals dedicated to the management of human habitats. The program helps students develop skills to address complex problems like enhancing long-term efficiency of urban services, improving day-to-day functioning of cities and finding ways to improve financing of urban systems.

The program focuses on inter-disciplinary training while developing skills of effective management. During the first ‘foundation’ semester, students undertake courses, which help them, learn about the urban context and develop proficiency in accounting, management principles and basic problem solving for urban utilities-identification of issues and finding solutions.

The teaching programs at CEPT University focus on building professional capacities and therefore they are centered on ‘studios’. During the next two semesters, the core of their focus is on studio exercises for preparing management plans for an urban neighborhood and large urban area. This learning pedagogy allows students to take live projects and interact with professionals in the field. Students also undertake other coursework in organizational behavior, urban finance, ethics and government, e-governance, business skills, urban infrastructure, social utilities, entrepreneurship development, marketing & branding, contract management, project management, negotiation & conflict management, and understanding of smart cities.

During the fourth and the last semester students are required to undertake a thesis. A thesis is like a dissertation or an individual research project under a selected guide.

Students are required to sign up for study tours or courses organized as part of the Summer School and Winter School programs.

To enable students to pursue their individual interests only three-quarters of the total academic workload is mandated. Students choose courses from the many available electives to complete the rest. Teachers are drawn from practicing professionals who bring practical experience to the classroom and academics that complement the teaching with theoretical and critical approaches.

This program opens up new avenues for young professionals to upgrade their capacities and credentials, and seek employment with local governments, international development agencies, management companies, infrastructure development and project management companies, real estate and asset management consultancies. Similarly, Non-Profit, NGO and Community Organizing organizations providing services in community development and social services need managers who possess an understanding of overlapping public services, public decision-making and advocacy.

Note: Name of the program is subject to the approval of UGC.



Eligibility Criteria for Applications:

Recognized Bachelor’s degree from any stream with a minimum of 55% aggregate marks for General category candidates and 50% aggregate marks for reserved categories candidates- as per the University regulations.


Sanctioned Intake: 36

Admission Procedure

The Faculty of Management at CEPT University has been conceived with the aim of providing education and training in the areas of management of human habitats. Whether it is a settlement, township, or an urban area, well-managed spaces are more aesthetically pleasant, functional and efficient.

Management of human habitats is complex and has to deal with multiple stakeholders. Considering the severity, complexity, and diversity of managing human habitats, the course is open to graduates candidates from any field (architecture, engineering, commerce, arts or others). This allows peer learning and gives students an opportunity to learn from varied viewpoints for a holistic learning in the span of a two-year post-graduate program at CEPT University.

Application Process:

As decided by the University the entire application process will be undertaken through online mode.

Evaluation process of applications received: This will be done in three stages as mentioned below:

Stage 1 - Scrutiny of Eligibility:

All applications received will be scrutinized based on information provided/uploaded in the application forms. This scrutiny is to check whether the applicant meets eligibility criteria mentioned above. Only those applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will clear stage-1 and will be considered for Stage 2 (mentioned below).

Candidates applying for the program can attend the admission test in person at the CEPT campus, Ahmedabad or opt for the test through video conferencing.

Stage 2 –On Campus Admission Test:

Those applicants who fulfill the eligibility criteria are called for admission test. Admission test comprises of a written test, Group Discussion, and a personal interview.

Each applicant will be evaluated for the following parameters along with weightage for evaluation:

S# Process Evaluation criteria Weightage Total Weightage
1 Written Test 300- 500 words on the topic given 40%
2 Group Discussion Initiative & Leadership
Content and Structure
Body Language
3 Interview Domain Knowledge
Work Experience

Admission test through Video Conferencing:

Candidates availing video conferencing facility should be online at least 15 minutes before the interview time allotted. Each candidate will be evaluated for the following parameters along with weightage for evaluation:

S# Process Evaluation criteria Weightage Total Weightage
1 Written Test 300- 500 words on the topic given 40 40%
2 Extempore To speak on given topic 30 30%
3 Interview Domain Knowledge
Work Experience
Communication skills

For written test, a shared screen mode is used to ensure the authenticity of the test. A candidate will have to email the written content immediately within 5 minutes after Video Conferencing interview.

Stage 3 – Preparation of Merit list:

A consolidated merit list will be prepared by adding the marks of written test, Group Discussion and personal interview (Stage 2).

The entire consolidated merit list of the applicants interviewed will be displayed on the CEPT website. Based on the availability of seats and acceptance status of applicants, the admission committee at its discretion may decide to bring out further waitlists by following the order of consolidated merit list.

Fees & Financial Aid

Fees for Academic Year 2018-19 will be updated soon.

Fees for Academic Year 2017-18

Rs. 1,600,000 /- per semester*

Rs. 25,000/- (One-time Refundable Deposit)**

Please note:

*Fee for the second year is subject to annual revision.

** This is a refundable deposit amount. At the time of graduation, you may choose to have the deposit refunded by providing a written application. If you do not provide the written application, your deposit will be credited to the alumni association of your faculty towards your membership.

Student Financial Aid

Please be informed that you can avail Pre Admission Scholarship (Means cum Merit) by filling up the scholarship form. Scholarships ranging from 25% to 75% of the annual tuition fee will be awarded to selected students from among the eligible applications.

Last date for submission of Scholarship is 20th April 2018

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Students with family income less than Rs. 10 lacs per annum are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship will continue to receive the scholarship for the full duration of the program subject to maintaining a minimum 2.7 SGPA (the equivalent of B-) in every semester and completing all courses in the first attempt.

Important Instructions:

University holds the right to reject the scholarship application, in case of absence of any required supporting documents to be submitted by the applicant. The award of the Scholarship will be announced along with your Admission Offer Letter, however, the amount will be disbursed after one month from the beginning of semester/lectures.

For any further clarification in this regard please contact Admissions Office in below mentioned contact details.

Admissions Office

Phone: 1800-270-4030


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CEPT University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing and managing human habitats. Its teaching programs build thoughtful professionals and its research programs deepen understan ... Read More

CEPT University focuses on understanding, designing, planning, constructing and managing human habitats. Its teaching programs build thoughtful professionals and its research programs deepen understanding of human settlements. CEPT University also undertakes advisory projects to further the goal of making habitats more livable. Read less