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Program Description

The program offers three areas of specialization: Management of Organizations, Finance and Marketing, has a duration of 2 years and 2.5 years including obtaining the degree.

The design of the program offers a flexible curricular structure, which allows the student to take optional subjects inside or outside the institution, selecting an area of ​​his interest of the 3 offered by the program preferably drives the stays in companies. The student will have a tutor, who will organize, plan, implement and supervise the development of the student's academic training and the direction of the degree work, so as to ensure the objective and profile of the proposed graduate in the curriculum.

The Master's degree focuses on solving needs in the following generation and application of knowledge:

  1. Local development strategies and sustainability.
  2. Behavior and Organizational Culture.
  3. Business Strategies.

This program is an excellent option for professionals to improve their professional practice.

General objective

The general objective of the Master in Management is "to train professionals of high academic level capable of applying innovative solutions in the field of administration, through management and management in public or private organizations, to achieve growth, profitability and sustainability , with knowledge and financial and marketing applications through a flexible program that will enable them to make sound decisions, in an environment with a high degree of uncertainty and in a changing and dynamic global environment. "

Specific objectives

The specific objectives that are pursued in the Master in Management, and which have been derived from the general objective, are the following:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills in the area of ​​business management, which allow students to use the administrative tools in the various functional areas, through efficient and effective management of the organization, as well as design new entrepreneurship projects companies and achieve their sustainability.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in the area of ​​finance that allow students to improve their financial skills to interact with other functional areas of companies, and formulate forecasts and make appropriate decisions, with the aim of having the company sufficient and timely economic resources, and allow the profitability and growth of the same.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills in the field of marketing that allow students to implement market information systems, assimilation of information and appropriate response to meet the needs and desires of consumers, as well as design and implement marketing plans so that companies and organizations can achieve their goals, through an optimal combination of elements of the marketing mix.

Egress's profile

The profile sought by the graduates of the Master's in Management is that during their training processes, students have acquired the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the economic-administrative area with emphasis in Management, Marketing and Finance, seeking the application of said knowledge in their professional field, in addition to always assuming a highly professional responsibility before the society that serves and belongs, which will allow him to build close relationships with other professionals that allow the exchange of ideas with others, respecting at all times the differences existing, and adhering to the institutional educational model. Therefore, graduates of the postgraduate course must present the general profile of discharge that is presented below :.


  • Of techniques for obtaining information and proposing solutions to the problems of the Administration.
  • Methodologies of intervention in the organization for the various strategies of marketing, financial and management.
  • The environment that affects the organization.
  • Of business models and entrepreneurship.
  • Organization as an economic and social system constantly updated.
  • Administrative process and functional areas.
  • Organizational culture and sustainability of organizations.
  • Broad in business, operational and corporate finance, as well as in stock market finance.
  • In the current concepts of the problem derived from the risk and return of investments of national and international character.
  • From the clearly prospective vision to develop economic and financial scenarios.
  • Of the processes of decision of the consumer.
  • Of the processes of market segmentation and positioning.
  • From the methodology for the application of market research and development and management of new products and services. ƒ Of the processes and strategies of the marketing mix.


  • To analyze and evaluate information and propose strategies to improve the level of competitiveness of the organization.
  • In solving problems of its competence within the social organisms, proposing and evaluating alternative solutions through an analytical and systematic treatment of the information, according to the methodology of the administrative sciences.
  • To analyze and evaluate accounting, financial and economic information.
  • To apply the appropriate criteria for the analysis, valuation and evaluation of money market instruments, financial derivatives, investment projects and placements of private companies, in the domestic market and abroad.
  • To carry out strategic and operational market planning, developing marketing plans that respond to the specific needs and problems of companies, in a national and international environment.
  • To implement strategies and actions of marketing, efficiently using the resources of companies and increasing their competitive strengths.


  • Given the social responsibility of the organization.
  • On ethical behavior in business.
  • On the sustainability of the company and the environment.
  • Propositive to the changes and innovations of the organizations.
  • In the willingness to work as a team.
  • In the appropriate use of information.
  • In honesty in the formulation of proposals, objectives and scope of the strategic plans of the organization.
  • In the responsibility to assume the effects and consequences of the economic, legal, social and philanthropic decisions of the fair organizations in the balance of the interests of the company and the consumer.
  • In the respect for individual differences, avoiding falling into discriminatory practices

Requirements for obtaining the degree

To approve all subjects of the program, including the Practical Case Seminars I and II, to present the examination of degree in the times that mark the Regulation and to comply with the stipulated in the General Regulation of Teaching of the UAA with respect to the obtaining of the degree.

The practical case should be directed to a company authorized by the Academic Council, to obtain the degree you must have the satisfaction letter. The proposal of practical work will always be within the framework of the generation and application lines of knowledge of the program, no work will be allowed that are not within the framework of them.

For all students, it is necessary to cover the professional stays indicated in the curriculum, the stays must be congruent with the practical work and the lines of generation and application of the knowledge of the program.

The subsidized student must comply with the quality indicators indicated at the national level.

Last updated Mar 2020

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