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Founded in 1984, Accademia Italiana, with locations in Florence and Rome, is one of the most prestigious university-level institutions for fashion, design, and photography.

Those who approach our Institute are always motivated by great energy, and by the desire to direct and exploit their own creative capacities.

Here at Accademia Italiana, they are searching for the best place to develop their creative potential. Here they find the perfect setting for professional growth and specialization in the various design, artistic and linguistic fields.

Upon completion of the study period, each student is ready to begin a professional career.

The thousands of students that have passed through Accademia Italiana, from its beginnings up to today, and the hundreds of professionals that over the years have come into contact with our Institute have created a constant influx of ideas that create a continual flow of vitality, movement, and strength.

Accademia Italiana moves into the future full of this energy, presenting itself today as one of the most qualified institutes of artistic, professional, and linguistic training.

Today more than ever the particular quality of the accademia emerges in our special methods of dealing with the various disciplines. In our academic programs, we have always sought to combine the past with the future, the historic traditions, with the rapid evolution of new technologies.

Our classroom and laboratory experience is designed to give students real-world contacts and real-world, hands-on, practical experience. Our links with the working world allow our students to verify their knowledge in a tangible way.

Immersed in an international environment the students develop the capacity to confront the various cultures, enriching and widening their horizons, recognizing that in the future they will live in a global society, the only one possible in tomorrow's world, and it is into this reality that they will be able to make their own creative, professional and cultural contribution.

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Campus Features

Florence Campus

The headquarters of Accademia Italiana are in Florence at Piazza Pitti 15, in the prestigious Temple Leader building in the heart of the Florence historic district. The building is protected by the Commission for Fine Arts for its historic importance and for the frescoes of mythological and allegorical subjects that adorn the inner rooms (Venus on the Chariot, Liberated Jerusalem, Bacchus, the Three Graces, and others).

The school occupies three floors that are used for lecture classrooms, design classrooms, computer labs, materials archives, and library. There is a large assembly hall on the top floor, in a loggia with a panoramic view of Piazza Pitti. The building has two terraces, one on the fourth floor with a picturesque view of florentine rooftops.

The Workshop Space is located in the historical Palazzo Bargagli at Lungarno Delle Grazie 22. The building was completely restored a few years ago.

On the ground floor, there is a room for photo shoots used by the photography students, while on the top floor there are workshops for sewing, pattern making, and knitwear for fashion design, model building for the interior and product design students, and an art studio, design workshop, and darkroom for the art and photography courses.

The workshops have two terraces that offer a 360° view of Florence. Both buildings have full wifi coverage.

Rome Campus

From July 2023 Accademia Italiana opened the doors of its new headquarters in Rome. The new Campus is located inside the former railway customs of Rome in Via Dello Scalo San Lorenzo 10, a building complex of 1925 by the architect Angiolo Mazzoni del Grande. The redevelopment of these spaces has been carried out thanks to the partnership between the Dutch chain The Social Hub and Accademia Italiana, with the aim of hosting the first campus dedicated to design in Italy.

The new headquarters offers 2,000 square meters of classrooms, workshops and spaces for study and experimentation; the interior project was realized thanks to the co-design of the spaces with the students of Design of Accademia Italiana, who have drawn with their own hands the spaces that they will live in first person. The building has been designed following green criteria that maximize the efficiency and limit the energy consumption of the campus and has obtained the BREEAM certification, (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method or "methodology of environmental assessment of buildings") which is among the most recognized and widespread in the world to measure the level of sustainability and performance of buildings.

The school is spread over two floors used as theoretical classrooms, workshops, computer classrooms and a biblio bistrot that combines the functions of dining space and library. The institute also has a lecture hall located on the first floor and an open space dedicated to hosting events, exhibitions and conferences on applied arts, in full synergy with the city and the territory. On the top floor there is the fabric store, the materioteca and the spaces dedicated to creative workshops.

In addition to the building that houses Accademia Italiana, the project of The Social Hub covers a large area completely regenerated to accommodate a public park of over a hectare in which there will be a hotel with residences for students, common areas open to the community, sports and coworking spaces, meeting and event rooms, restaurants, bars and much more.

Housing Service

The Accademia Italiana offers its students a free housing service that puts students in contact with the landlords of apartments located in the central areas of Florence and Rome.

The apartments, shared with other students from the school, are completely furnished and include wifi, a washing machine, and a television.

The average price of a single room is around 500-600 euros a month plus utilities, and a double room (shared with a roommate) is around 400-450 euros a month plus utilities. For a studio or two-room apartment, the price varies from 750 to 950 euros a month plus utilities.

The school’s staff visits the apartments before making the rooms available to students to ensure that they are in a suitable condition.

This informational service is offered free of charge by the school, which puts the students into direct contact with the apartments’ landlords or owners. All economic agreements, including methods of payment, are stipulated by the landlords.

If the school reserves housing on behalf of the student and the student decides to cancel the reservation, the landlord will keep the entire deposit sent by the student during the reservation phase.

Rooms are available from September to May (for students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree and professional programs) and from October to May (for students in the Master's programs). Students enrolled in programs that begin in January in Florence can reserve housing for only one semester (January to May).

Changing housing during the academic year is not allowed and will result in the loss of the deposit.

Students who wish to change accommodation at the end of the first year must find their own new accommodation.

    Scholarships and Funding

    AmountApplication Deadline
    Early Bird promotion600 EURFebruary 29, 2024


    The application procedure varies according to which program you choose.

    Application to a Master's Degree program will require an analysis of your study and work background (bachelor's degree, transcripts, CV, presentation letter) by our Admission Office and an online interview with our Academic staff.

    Applicants to Bachelor's Degree programs will have to attend an Admission exam which consists of the presentation of a small portfolio and an admission interview.

    As a general requirement for all university-level programs in Italy, applicants must have at least 12 years of schooling and possess the academic qualifications required to enroll in a university in their countries of origin.

    There are no pre-requisites for admission to the Foundation Year program, Professional courses, or Summer courses. Students can apply directly through Accademia Italiana website by sending the application form, a copy of a valid ID (passport for International students outside of EU), a CV (resume) and a presentation letter, the last diploma obtained and transcripts.

    Visa Requirements

    International students in Italy may need a student visa to attend longer programs such asFoundation Year, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

    The Admission Office of Accademia Italiana helps enrolled students to manage their Visa Request process through the dedicated Universitaly web portail.

    Accademia Italiana has developed an agreement with the CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence) to assist its candidates to obtain the necessary documents to apply to its official degree programs that require a Statement of Comparability and verification.


    • Florence

      Piazza Pitti 15, 50125, Florence

    • Rome

      Piazza Della Radio 46, 00146, Rome