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Aksaray University

Aksaray University


Aksaray University is a young university founded in 2006, but it has a long history. Its history dates back to 1986. Today's Technical Sciences Vocational School started education in 1986-1987 academic year under the name of Technical Programs Department as a Vocational School dependent to Selçuk University. With the establishment of Niğde University in 1992, all existing units were connected to Niğde University. Our university was established in Aksaray with the Law No. 5467, March 17, 2006, and the existing faculties and vocational schools with Niğde University were connected to Aksaray University Rectorate.

Our university, which has grown rapidly in line of the goals with the slogan of “Thinking Universally, Acting Locally”, has reached the point since 2006; With 12 Faculties, 3 Institutes, 1 Training and Research Hospital, 1 Vocational Langauge School, 6 Vocational Schools and 17 Research Centers. It continues its education with 23005 students at associate, undergraduate and graduate level. Education, research and scientific activities are carried out by our experienced, dynamic and competent 798 academic staff and 317 administrative staff working full-time at our university, which attracts attention with its achievements both in the international and national community. Thus, Aksaray University became a large institution with a population of 24,000.


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    Bahçe Saray, Aksaray Ünv. Kampüs Yolu, 68100 Merkez/Aksaray, Turkey, , Aksaray