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ALBA Graduate Business School


Alba Graduate Business School: Shaping Future Business Leaders in Athens

Alba Graduate Business School is more than just a place to study; it's where innovative thinking and business smarts come together. In the heart of Athens, this top European business school is known for doing things differently and helping the students realize their version of success.

Education That Stands Out

Embracing agility and business relevance as our core values, we stay true to our "Business Unusual" motto across our suite of 4 MBA and 9 MSc programs. Our offerings are diverse, spanning in-class graduate programs, hybrid offerings including workshops across Greece, and a top-notch online program, all curated to equip our students with innovative and practical business acumen. This is education designed for the movers, the innovators, and the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

A Community That Cares

With about 400 postgraduate students, Alba is a place where everyone gets the attention they need. The teachers are top-notch, with many coming from famous schools like Harvard and London Business School. They're not just good at teaching; they're also leaders in their fields, often publishing their research and sharing new ideas in business.

Academic Excellence and International Recognition

Alba's commitment to academic excellence is prominently reflected in its diverse faculty. Comprised of resident experts with extensive international experience, our faculty members not only conduct impactful research but also seamlessly apply their findings in the classroom, ensuring a dynamic and enriched learning experience for our students. To augment this commitment, Alba strategically engages with distinguished scholars from top institutions and hosts guest lecturers renowned for their expertise from prestigious places like Harvard, INSEAD, and Wharton. Demonstrating our commitment to a holistic approach that goes beyond theoretical learning, Alba actively incorporates teaching fellows from diverse industries. This integration not only enriches the academic experience by bringing real-world perspectives into the classroom but also significantly enhances the practical relevance and applicability of our education.

Moreover, Alba's international recognition is underscored by its accreditation from NECHE, AMBA accreditation for its MBA programs, and EFMD accreditation for the MSc in Finance and MSc in SHRM. These accreditations solidify Alba's position in the global academic landscape, emphasizing its commitment to providing a high-quality and globally recognized education.

World-Class Connections

Alba goes beyond the classroom, connecting students with over 80 partner schools around the world for exchanges, joint degrees, and trips that show what international business is all about. This global perspective is a big part of what makes an education from Alba so special.

Welcoming International Students

For students coming from other countries, Alba is a welcoming place with all the help they need to settle in, from visa support to finding a nice place to live. Scholarships are available, too, covering up to 35% of tuition for those who show they're really good at what they do.

Your Path to Success at Alba

Alba Graduate Business School is committed to propelling your success, whether through securing great jobs or diving into entrepreneurship.

The Career Office at Alba is dedicated to aiding students in finding rewarding employment opportunities. Through personalized assistance, workshops, and events, the Career Office ensures that students are well-prepared to impress employers and thrive in their careers.

AHEAD: Boosting Entrepreneurship at Alba:

At AHEAD, the Alba Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development, the entrepreneurial spirit flourishes in sync with the essence of "Business Unusual." AHEAD is the go-to place for Alba students and alumni, offering personalized chats, special events, networking opportunities, and recognition for #AlbaEntrepreneurs. AHEAD empowers individuals to confidently embrace entrepreneurship and succeed in the dynamic business landscape, aligning with Alba's vision for excellence in training, outreach, and scholarship.

A Network That Lasts a Lifetime:

Upon graduation from Alba, you become part of The American College of Greece alumni a powerful community of 62,000 members and Alba’s powerful network of 6,000 alumni. This network is a lifelong resource, offering support to current students, valuable advice, and ongoing connections. At Alba, it's all about people helping each other to do better in their professional journeys.

Alba Graduate Business School is where students don't just learn about success; they prepare to make it happen in the real world. It's a place for those who want to make a difference and lead the way in business. Welcome to a school where business is anything but usual. Welcome to Alba.

Lifelong learning

Alba's commitment to leadership and development extends beyond the classroom—over 11,000 executives have advanced their skills through its Executive Development Programs,

Campus Features

ALBA is located in the center of Athens close to the US Embassy at 6-8, Xenias street. The School's facilities cover a total of 5,750 square meters and include:

  • 12 classrooms (fully equipped with audio visual equipment)
  • 7 amphitheaters
  • 2 Computer lab, Group-study rooms
  • Library
  • Student lounge / Cafeteria

    Visa Requirements

    For non EU Member candidates, a student visa (D.4.1) is required in order to study at Alba. No other kind of visa is acceptable, ONLY a student visa applies for Greece. Student visas in Greece are issued only for full-time study, on the understanding that students study on campus and have the sufficient funds to cover their tuition fees and living expenses while residing in Greece. Alba students holding student VISAs are not allowed to work in Greece in full or part-time basis. They can only participate in non paid internship programs.

    After registration is completed, International Students get in direct contact with the International Relations Department for starting the VISA procedure.

    Before students’ VISA expires, the International Relations Office provides complete guidance and assistance to the students for issuing a 12 month student residence permit for Greece. Alba covers the residence permit commission fees (166 Euro) and all the lawyer expenses who will submit the documents on behalf of the students at the immigration regional office in Athens.

    Scholarships and Funding


    Partial scholarships are available for international students up to 30% on tuition fees. If you would like to see whether you are eligible please fill out this form.



    On April 2021, Eduniversal published its new 2021 ranking of the Best Masters & MBA programs. The rankings include 50 specializations, covering 136 different countries within 9 geographic zones. More than 22,000 postgraduate programs from 1800 universities and schools across the world were proposed and evaluated and 5416 programs were ranked.

    Many of Alba programs appear in a prominent position within their category.


    AMBA Accredited

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