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ALBA Graduate Business School MSc in Entrepreneurship
ALBA Graduate Business School

MSc in Entrepreneurship

Athens, Greece

1 Years


Full time, Part time

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EUR 12,500 / per year *


* These are the full Tuition Fees for the whole duration of the program; installments and scholarships available* The program works on a rolling admission.


MSc in Entrepreneurship

This ground-breaking and exciting program develops entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and experience. Changing the rules of the enterprise education game, the degree prepares learners to live, craft, master and create entrepreneurship.

The MSc in Entrepreneurship is built upon the concept of Effectuation, a logic of entrepreneurial expertise that both novice and experienced entrepreneurs can use in the highly unpredictable start-up phase of a venture to reduce failure costs for the entrepreneur.

The MSc in Entrepreneurship is an experience that takes place both in the real world of the entrepreneur and within ALBA’s “Business Unusual” classrooms, balancing the practice of entrepreneurship with the mastery of core concepts. From generating creative ideas to launching innovative “happenings”, from building a strong business model to detailed financial planning, the MSc in Entrepreneurship prepares participants for creating and leading the new ventures of the future.

Why is Entrepreneurship for you?

Cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset to create options for your future. No matter if you choose to start your own business, rejuvenate your family's business, join a promising startup or work for one of the big multinationals, your entrepreneurial mindset will be a highly valued asset.

How we do it

The MSc in Entrepreneurship is based on four pillars, running in parallel throughout the degree: Live it, Craft it, Master it and Create it. Each pillar will help you prepare for your entrepreneurial journey.

Why do it

ALBA is among the elite entrepreneurial schools in Europe, with a long tradition in academic and research excellence. We focus on creativity, teamwork and action learning, while we draw on our local and international networks for high profile Academics and Practitioners.



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