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American Consortium of Universities (INTERLINK) Master of Arts in Management at Seattle Pacific University
American Consortium of Universities (INTERLINK)

Master of Arts in Management at Seattle Pacific University

Seattle, USA

1 Years


Full time

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USD 31,365 / per year



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The one-year MAM-SSM program will help you become a confident and polished professional ready for rewarding jobs. It will prepare you to tackle meaningful problems and help people and organizations flourish.

Through the MAM-SSM program, you will gain:

  • Job-relevant applied business knowledge and skills
  • Faith-based perspectives on social responsibility and stewardship
  • Study abroad and internship experiences
  • Meaningful relationships with leaders
  • Professional development and placement opportunities

Prior business coursework is not required for admission. If you have a liberal arts, science, or engineering degree, the program will be your bridge into professional roles in business, social purpose, and not-for-profit organizations. If you have a business degree, the program will be your pathway into deeper insights about the purpose and practice of business and its role in serving others and applying your knowledge in the real world.

Prior work experience is not required. If you have no experience, the program can jump-start your career. If you have experience but have been doing work that doesn’t match your potential or the impact you want, it can reboot your career.

For example:

  • A French major with a year of nanny work joined the Class of 2012 and has become an HR/staffing specialist in a global online retailer.
  • A political science major with no experience joined the Class of 2013 and has become a quickly rising IT consultant.
  • A psychology major with no experience joined the Class of 2014 and has become a business analyst for a specialized manufacturer serving the aerospace industry.

A Total Package

The program is a “total package” rooted in our faith-based vision for business and emphasis on developing professionals who pursue purposeful business activities with integrity. It will prepare you for impact and vocation through:

  • Real-world, applied learning
  • Professional development activities
  • Study abroad
  • Internship
  • Close-knit community and teamwork
  • High-touch coaching
  • Meaningful relationships with organizational leaders

A Unique Experience

The MAM-SSM program is like work and less like school, with:

  • Relevant, hands-on learning in real-world, high-visibility, high-impact projects and internships
  • Fast-paced, integrated, and blended learning with one-year, interdisciplinary, classroom, online, and on-the-job learning
  • Professional development and placement including coaching, building your personal brand and developing interviewing skills
  • Community and connections through close-knit community; meaningful relationships with “c-suite” (top-level) and other leaders in business, not-for-profit, and social-purpose organizations
  • High-touch mentoring and coaching, with faculty and organizational leaders
  • Seattle as a beautiful, exciting, gateway city; a center of technology, global health, social enterprise, and trade
  • Study abroad in China and India, where you engage with organizational leaders in these major emerging economies, visiting world heritage and other cultural sites

High-Value Outcomes

You’ll be ready to tackle meaningful problems so people and organizations will flourish, through:

  • Knowledge — Fundamentals of business and sustaining enterprises in a global economy
  • People skills — Leadership, teamwork, interpersonal relationships
  • Communication skills — Listening, presenting, writing, negotiating, interviewing
  • Analysis skills — Business research, quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Problem-solving skills — Tackling meaningful, challenging, complex, real-world problems
  • Management skills — Teams, project management, managing change
  • Perspective — Ethics, integrity, human flourishing, stewardship and sustainability, Christian worldview, global contexts
  • Professionalism — Confidence, poise and polish, readiness for meaningful jobs
  • Connections — Lifelong, meaningful relationships with students, faculty, alumni, business, social enterprise, and not-for-profit leaders
  • Job and career placement — Meaningful, rewarding, above-entry-level jobs; clarified vocational direction; accelerated trajectory
  • Transformational growth
  • Impact


Admission to the MAM-SSM program is selective and depends on the recommendation of the faculty and approval from the associate dean for graduate studies in the School of Business, Government, and Economics.

Phone interviews are held with candidates who pass the initial screening of application materials. If you pass the interview, you are either admitted or placed on a reserve list. Admission to the cohort occurs in rounds and remains open until classes begin, depending on space available. Early Action applications are due by January 15.

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