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American University of Barbados


The American University of Barbados, School of Medicine with its campus located in Wildey, Barbados is a popular choice when reviewing options to study medicine in the Caribbean. AUB offers a comprehensive medical curriculum and quality education to its students. The medical school is accredited by CAAM-HP and the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC). It is also listed by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Thus, AUB graduate degrees are recognized throughout the world.

AUB's exemplary model of education comprises an integrated US-based curriculum with extensive USMLE preparation, research programs, and community-based events in a multi-cultural environment that educates students in a variety of academic and professional disciplines, leading to a broader perspective and richer learning experience. The programs are led by dedicated and experienced faculty who combine rigorous classroom instruction with mentorship. AUB nurtures its students to become competent healthcare providers and since its degrees are globally recognized, it opens up pathways to many countries. The medical school curriculum exemplifies innovation using high-tech learning tools and its ingenious enthusiasm aims to educate young medical graduates and prepare them as the next generation of healthcare leaders. During the Clinical Science Program (Rotations) students participate in supervised patient care rotating through various medical specialties. AUB continually reviews opportunities to broaden the clinical exposure of our students in the United States and other countries.

Classroom learning meets real-world experience which complements coursework with practical experience at our on-campus community clinic. It provides students an opportunity to interact with patients and other healthcare professionals from the very beginning of their medical journey. Considerable emphasis is placed on developing professionalism and humanism traits as well as a commitment to the community and cultural diversity throughout the study.

AUB provides students a platform to develop holistically while its conducive environment makes it easy for them to adapt to the Caribbean culture. In addition to rendering quality education, AUB strives to ensure that its students grow academically, professionally, and socially. These characteristics we believe will soon see the American University of Barbados evolve as one of the most sought-after names in the field of medicine and also escalate the ladder on the Caribbean medical schools ranking. The school follows a holistic admissions process wherein the admission committee evaluates prospective students on the basis of their academic credits. With a rolling admission policy, applications are accepted all year round, with classes starting in January, May, and September respectively.


'Knowledge for life'


AUB aspires to produce medical graduates who are emotionally and culturally sensitive with world-class competence so that they can be valued and respected as responsible citizens. The aim of the university is not only to produce medical doctors with good clinical knowledge but also to instill in them ethics and values by which they can treat their patients with a human touch.


AUB seeks to provide world-class medical education with advanced and innovative technology in an environment that fosters appreciative inquiry, human sensitivity, and collaborative research aimed at reducing human suffering and pain.

Key Features: Why Choose AUB

  1. Structured Integration Methodology
    Teaching through Structured Integration Methodology and Problem Based Learning.
  2. Medical Games Centre
    3D Animation, Simulation, and Medical Games Centre.
  3. Scholarships
    Affordable fee for MD Program with options for scholarships.
  4. Diverse Student Community
    Experience of studying in an establishment consisting of a Diverse Student Community that enables awareness of varied cultural practices.
  5. USA-approved Curriculum
    USMLE focused teaching with USA style and approved curriculum.
  6. Clinical Rotations
    Clinical Rotations in the USA and other countries.
  7. Medical Professionals
    AUB students can practice as medical professionals anywhere after giving the requisite examination of the country of their choice.
  8. Medical License
    Medical license for graduates in the USA and other countries upon successful completion of USMLE STEP 1 and 2.
  9. MCI's Screening Test
    AUB graduates of Indian origin can practice as medical professionals in India after appearing in MCI'S Screening test.
  10. Books and Journals
    Access to more than 10,000 books and journals in the online library.


The American University of Barbados Office of Admission assists students in every aspect of their college search process. This being one of the many reasons why AUB has a 90% first-year retention rate, the highest in the nation for a regional institution (public or private). The Office of Admissions at AUB-with the support of the campus community and in accordance with the mission, vision, goals, and ethical framework of the institution-seeks to attract and enroll a full class of students who will uphold and advance the exceptional quality of the University. These students should demonstrate academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, a desire to be challenged by rigorous coursework and collaborative research, and the potential for further academic success within the University's educational model. The Office of Admissions seeks those students whose experience at AUB will be mutually beneficial to both themselves and the institution.

Guiding Principles


The Office of Admissions acknowledges that AUB is working diligently to ensure that every student leaves the AUB campus with a positive impression of the institution and its staff.


The Office of Admissions demonstrates consistency and fairness in the application review process so that every application is given equitable treatment, while at the same time recognizing the unique educational/extra-curricular activities of all students. Students are responsible for completing and submitting the duly signed application and the Common Application contract, fully disclosing all of the information required for the assessment affirming the accuracy of the information mentioned. The Office of Admissions embraces differences and diversity of all types, including racial, ethnic, religious, geographic, socio-economic, gender, and sexual orientation. Likewise, the office of admissions seeks students who will appreciate and contribute to the vast diverseness of the AUB campus through their talent, academic strengths, backgrounds, creeds, and personal experiences.


The Office of Admissions offers the highest level of service and professionalism to students, their families, and other educational professionals, ensuring that all questions and concerns are addressed promptly and thoroughly. All types of interactions with the Office of Admissions should generate a stronger connection to the AUB campus and instill confidence in a student's decision to apply to and/or attend the University. The Office of Admissions respects the personalized nature of each student's college search and appreciates the unique challenges and stresses they face at varying stages of the process.

Scholarships and Funding

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