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Antwerp Management School Master in Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Antwerp Management School

Master in Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Antwerp, Belgium

1 Years


Full time

31 Aug 2024

09 Sep 2024

EUR 18,950 *


* International trips included


Welcome to the world’s most important conversation. We are facing global challenges - not only environmentally, but economically and socially as well. We need entrepreneurial and innovative leaders who can find solutions, create positive impact and change the world for the better. Do you want to make a lasting impact in your chosen field? Whether it’s in the corporate world, working with an NGO, or starting your own venture, or any other direction - you have come to the right place.

In this program, you learn to create impact that matters for society by either setting up disruptive start-ups or disrupting corporates from within.

The systematic introduction of sustainable innovation in companies is considered to be one of the most important challenges of the future. Sustainability as an integral part of a business strategy is now crucial in creating competitive advantage on a global scale.

Companies are facing rapid changes and major transitions in the area of sustainability that need to be addressed. To help them do so, they are looking for problem solvers and creative thinkers who understand the new reality. With this master’s program we want to educate and support people from all over the world who want to create new things that have a positive impact on people’s lives and on society in general.

The Master in Sustainable Innovation & Entrepreneurship will give you the skills, tools and knowledge to become the kind of leader to take any company, whether a start-up, large company or SME, to the next level. The courses will put you on the right track towards becoming an impactful and innovative entrepreneur in your own start-up or an innovator in an existing company.

Each course of the MSIE program offers an optimal balance between theory and practice and is characterized by a “learning by doing” approach. Personal contacts are made with real entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and top sustainability managers to enable you to obtain a realistic idea of what it’s like to actually build a sustainable business of your own or innovate an existing business in today’s global context.

In short, this master will kickstart your career as a sustainable entrepreneur and innovator!

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