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Aarhus University MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Finance
Aarhus University

MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Finance

Aarhus, Denmark

2 Years


Full time

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Aug 2025

EUR 10,000 / per year *


* for non-EU/EEA students only | EU/EEA students study for free


Immerse Yourself in the Fascinating Diversity of Financial Markets

The Master’s degree program in finance is a comprehensive, research-based university education in finance with a strong focus on developing quantitative and analytical skills relevant to the financial industry. The Program introduces the students to state-of-the-art theoretical and empirical models of financial decision-making, asset and derivative pricing, financial institutions and intermediaries, and corporate finance.

Financial theory and asset pricing

Students will obtain a strong foundation in standard financial theory and learn how to apply both theoretical and empirical models to analyze financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives, as well as real assets such as investment projects within the firm. The objective is to equip the students with the ability to demine the fair prices of financial and real assets using relevant asset pricing models, identify the risk premia required by investors for bearing risk and discuss their sources, and characterize how investors and financial institutions trade off risk and return when forming optimal portfolios.

Financial institutions

Students are introduced to the different players in financial markets today and study their role in setting prices and allocating capital. Asset managers and intermediaries are central to the financial system. They provide liquidity to market participants, facilitate financial transactions and risk-sharing, and help ensure an optimal capital allocation between financial institutions, firms, and households. The students will learn about asset management in financial institutions and discuss the role, impact, and importance of asset managers and intermediaries for the financial system.



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