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Aarhus University MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Management Accounting and Control
Aarhus University

MSc in Economics and Business Administration – Management Accounting and Control

Aarhus, Denmark

2 Years


Full time

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Aug 2025

EUR 10,000 / per year *


* for non-EU/EEA students only | EU/EEA students study for free


Management Accounting – also known as Management Control – is a fundamental aspect of business administration. Management Accounting is the primary language of business, and it creates the foundation for discussions of a company’s financial performance, as well as the non-financial dimensions of performance. Hence, Management Accounting is the sweet spot where numbers and data meet management and decisions.

Working with measurement and evaluation systems, the provision of incentives and adjustments of behavior holds the potential for controlling cost and performance at all levels within an organization thereby ensuring value creation. You will be able to create transparency and financially sound solutions for a company by developing and analyzing performance, cost, and profitability. This skill allows you to identify and solve potential strategic and operational problems in companies/organizations (private and publicly traded companies, governmental organizations, municipalities, hospitals, etc.) To deal with these problems, you will learn how to design and implement incentive, budgeting, and performance management systems to coordinate and motivate departments, teams, or individuals to change their behavior and correct the situation.

To complement these analytical skills, you will also be introduced to ERP systems (SAP) and other IT software, e.g., business intelligence in Power BI.

The MAC Program has a strong tradition of collaborating with companies, as companies have a very high demand for the skillset learned by students in the MAC Program. The MAC Program has more than 10 partner companies that include top consulting firms, manufacturers, retailers, etc. These partnerships involve guest lectures, social events, awards, and other interesting activities. We also collaborate closely with companies on internships, theses, project work, etc. Therefore, our Programs are based on a theoretical foundation in combination with practical, real-world problems and solutions.



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