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Augustinian University (Universitaria  Agustiniana (UNIAGUSTINIANA))

Augustinian University (Universitaria Agustiniana (UNIAGUSTINIANA))

Augustinian University (Universitaria  Agustiniana (UNIAGUSTINIANA))


La Uniagustiniana is an Institution of Higher Education, committed to the integral formation of people through their physical, intellectual, and spiritual development. It tends because its graduates contribute to the social transformation of the country, for a better Colombia, with quality of life for all and with citizens capable of living together in democracy and peace.

Regarding future projects, the main objective of the Uniagustiniana is to consolidate the institutional identity in the academic and national context. This includes the growth of the academic offer, integrated into ecosystems that favor the generation of knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurship, in addition to bilingualism, recognition of learning, and interculturality.


  • Colombia

    Colombia, Colombia


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