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Autonomous University of Querétaro

Autonomous University of Querétaro

Autonomous University of Querétaro


Mexico is a country of enormous wealth. Its greatest strength is its people and for us, it is a privilege to work on behalf of Mexican youth. State public universities have an enormous responsibility to offer the opportunities that our young people need for their development.

Today, despite adversities, the Autonomous University of Querétaro is one of the best public education institutions in the country. We are the leading University in the state with the largest number of accredited undergraduate and graduate programs.

More than 98% of our professors have postgraduate degrees and we contribute 43% of the researchers within the National System of Researchers; In addition, 56% of Academic Bodies are recognized as Consolidated by the Ministry of Public Education.

We are what thousands of university students from past generations have built. We do not forget our origin, as it is the basis of our present. Likewise, we are aware that what we do today will be the basis for tomorrow.

We are a critical but inclusive community. Our University is built on proposals, dialogues, debates, and actions; diversity of thought and ideology are the foundations of plurality.

We are university students committed to our social and environmental environment; We value academic excellence found in warmth and human quality; We recognize values ​​as a fundamental part of human development in the training of professionals and citizens that our country requires.

We are an open space where each of the members of the community finds the opportunity to develop their creativity and talent, where there are more questions than answers and more and better ideas that allow us to enhance individual and collective capacity.

We are the place where dreams are built and realities are transformed.


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