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宝 鸡 文 理 学 院

宝 鸡 文 理 学 院

宝 鸡 文 理 学 院


Baoji University of Arts and Science is a provincial general undergraduate college. Its predecessor was Baoji University (undergraduate) founded in 1958. It was closed in 1963 due to national economic difficulties. In 1975, it was restored as the Baoji Branch of Shaanxi Normal University (undergraduate). It was approved by the State Council in 1978. It was approved to be named Baoji Normal University. In 1992, with the approval of the former State Education Commission, it merged with the newly established Baoji University in 1984 and changed its name to Baoji University of Arts and Sciences.

In the course of more than 60 years of struggle, generations of people in the arts and sciences have been struggling and pioneering bravely. The spirit of the arts and sciences has been passed down, and the school has developed and made great strides forward. In 2008, the school was awarded the title of “Excellent School for Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation of General Colleges and Universities” by the Ministry of Education; in 2013, the school was approved as a “Master's Degree Awarding Unit” by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council; in 2017, the school was listed as a new doctoral awarding unit by Shaanxi Project construction plan; In October 2017, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and the Baoji Municipal People’s Government signed an agreement to jointly promote the establishment of Baoji University; in 2018, the school was approved as a “domestic first-class discipline construction university” in Shaanxi Province, making the school stand in a new position Development starting point.


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