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The future for your projects

Business Project College helps students develop their skills and gain the knowledge needed to start and run their own business. We are convinced that entrepreneurship is one of the driving forces of economic growth, and we aim to train the leaders of tomorrow.

Our teaching program emphasizes practice, providing students with hands-on, project-based learning opportunities. Students have the opportunity to work on real projects, to be supported by experienced entrepreneurs and to develop their professional network.

We also offer comprehensive support to help students turn their ideas into real-world projects. We provide them with resources such as mentors and incubators to help them launch and grow their businesses. Each student can thus integrate their own project into the school curriculum.

Our students learn not only the basics of business management, but also the art of innovation, creativity and problem solving. We encourage our students to think outside the box and explore new paths to success.

Whether you are a student passionate about entrepreneurship or a professional looking for new skills, Business Project College offers practical, dynamic and immersive training to succeed in the business world.

Campus Features

Business Project College has premises in Nanterre but also within the Grande Arche of Paris La Défense, an emblematic monument of the largest European business district, on the campus of the Collège de Paris educational network.

On site, numerous installations and latest generation equipment allow our students to take their immersive educational experience further in a true temple of creativity. In this sense, personal projects truly have their place within the school, and are even at the heart of our teaching.

This multi-school campus concentrates several member establishments of the Collège de Paris. There you will meet students from business, digital, art and fashion or even finance schools, with whom you will sometimes work during highlight weeks allowing you to combine your different know-how and skills in order to build joint projects with high added value.

A place: the apartment

Business Project College and the Collège de Paris have created, not far from the La Défense campus, a work space dedicated to students and their projects: the apartment .

In a calming and friendly atmosphere providing the necessary basic equipment (printer, computers, cameras, etc.), you will have the opportunity to work on your projects at your own pace, alongside other project leaders, including the dynamics of work will be in line with your objectives.


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