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Campus Stellae Instituto Europeo

Campus Stellae Instituto Europeo

Campus Stellae Instituto Europeo


Based in Santiago de Compostela, the European Institute Campus Stellae has among its objectives to promote the role of Galicia in Europe by promoting teaching, cultural, artistic and social skills, thus contributing to the knowledge of the various facets of European culture common. A pioneer in the formation of European Union experts, Domestic Violence, Human Rights and International protocol. The European Institute Campus Stellae began his postgraduate training project in 1993 under the name European Central Atlantic. In this line of action, the Prime Graduate Specialization Course is created in the European Union. He said graduate was presented in collaboration with the University of Santiago de Compostela, within the agreement signed between the Hon. Mr. Magnifico D. Dario Villanueva Rector and Director Doña Nuria Martinez Pereira. Agreement was in force for over a decade. In those years, under the joint academic direction, they have developed various research, in 1996, are recognized by the European Parliament Representació in Spain, and both institutions decided to create the European Prize "Campus Stellae". Throughout all editions they have been awarded annually to the three best research at European level. The IECS has evolved an entirely face, blended to a distance learning training, hosting students from different countries. Since October 2003, and meeting the needs of students of the XXI century, the European Institute has focused its activity in distance learning and online, creating a digital platform through which students receive training commensurate with their demands. Currently Campus Stellae, has students in over 50 countries.


  • Santiago de Compostela

    Instituto Europeo Campus Stellae C/ Concepción Arenal, 1, 15702, Santiago de Compostela