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CEU Abat Oliba Universitat Official Master's Degree in Logistics and International Trade
CEU Abat Oliba Universitat

Official Master's Degree in Logistics and International Trade

Barcelona, Spain

10 Months

English, Spanish

Full time, Part time

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Jun 2024

EUR 7,335



Why study at UAO CEU?


The university master's degree in Logistics and International Trade provides great help both academically and professionally, with the aim of achieving the necessary knowledge for the internationalization of the company, based on import-export activities and logistics and transport operations, which allow these to materialize by applying rational and scientific criteria in decision making.

As a specialization in the field of business management, the master's degree is oriented towards international trade and business, as well as logistics and transport operations derived from international trade, given the importance of this market and the requirement to obtain a global vision of the movement of material and information flows in imports and exports.


100% of our students find employment upon completion of their studies (AQU 2020 job placement survey).

Complementary training

  • European Port Experience: advanced study program in knowledge of port management and business.
  • Course IATA DGR Cat. 3: The course is taught within the framework of the master's program and addresses the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by air.
  • The master's degree also includes approximately ten group visits to companies and institutions in order to enable students to acquire a practical vision of the various modules that make up the training program.

European Port Experience

The European Port Experience is an advanced study program in knowledge of port management and business. It consists of a four-day study trip to the ports of Rotterdam (9th port in the world and 1st in Europe in operations) and Hamburg (1st port in Germany) for advanced training by specialist managers of the sector. The program is completed with the subsequent visit to the port of Barcelona (1st port in the Mediterranean in tourism business). The program is developed through classes in the port facilities themselves and includes a visit to them and all transfer and accommodation operations for the students.

The academic plan of the program addresses the following contents:

  • Maritime Economics
  • Ship & Port Automation
  • Integration of Technologies & Systems
  • Data & Connectivity: RFIT, IoT and Containerization
  • Big Data, Cybersecurity, Movement of Goods & People
  • Industry 4.0

The European Port Experience is an academic activity of the university master's degree, accredited in turn by means of a diploma of its own specialization degree.

Training program in Transformative Competencies

The training program, focused specifically on the development of leadership competence, and through a combination of practical exercises, self-assessments, and feedback among UAO CEU postgraduate students, to develop a broad vision of their own leadership style.

Professional development

Internships in top-level companies in the field of logistics. National and international job boards with more than 2,300 associated companies with internship offers in more than 20 countries.


The teaching staff is made up of experts with extensive professional experience in the areas of logistics, transportation, and international business, with a global and current vision of business reality.

International character

Our students acquire the linguistic and cultural knowledge necessary to work anywhere in the world.


This Master's is taught in both English and Spanish (to choose).


This master's program meets the requirements to be subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation.


The average job placement rate is 95% in CEU postgraduate studies.

Information resources

The Library Service is conceived as a unit to support study and research with the priority objective of responding to educational and scientific demands. It has long opening hours, even on weekends, with the best IT equipment.

In addition, the UAO CEU makes available to the university community a digital repository that contains open-access publications derived from the teaching, research, and institutional activity of the teaching staff and the students and alumni of the University.

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