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Chalmers University of Technology MSc in Management and Economics of Innovation
Chalmers University of Technology

MSc in Management and Economics of Innovation

Gothenburg, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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SEK 160,000 / per year *


* tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students


In the modern economy, knowledge has a unique value of its own. Especially in technology, it underpins critical aspects of industrial innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth. Through a combination of advanced business management and engineering-related economics, this program will train you to analyze, understand and skillfully manage innovation processes in companies and other areas of society.

The processes behind innovation present unique challenges and opportunities for all sorts of organizations, from established firms to new entrepreneurial ventures, as well as universities and government agencies. All these organizations, therefore, need employees and managers with training in not just scientific and engineering disciplines, but also a thorough understanding of innovation processes, and how they can be handled in a financially successful way.

At the intersection of technology, management, and economics, the overall purpose of this program is to train you to skilfully analyze and manage the processes of innovation and renewal. The education focuses on how and why companies innovate, and the best way to transform innovation investment into real financial and social gains.

After graduation, you will be equipped with a wealth of skills. You will be able to analyze and understand how and why technical and scientific innovations, information, and knowledge interact with commercial markets and economic forces. You will know how to identify and solve technological, organizational, economic, and institutional problems related to innovation and renewal activities. You will apply state-of-the-art research and management methods and tools to develop and execute strategies and implementation plans for innovation, and you will direct, interact, and communicate with qualified professionals.

With expert teaching from faculty in various engineering disciplines, this program will give you an excellent base for developing yourself and your abilities in leading and developing all sorts of organizations.

The teaching will include lectures, seminars, workshops, and supervised project work. Assessment techniques include oral and written examinations, and special attention is devoted to developing your presentation skills.

The program combines extensive practical elements, including project-based industry challenges, with critical analysis, putting theories and methods to effective use.


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