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Bellevue University College of Business

Bellevue University College of Business

Bellevue University College of Business


The mission of the College of Business (COB) is to develop high performing, lifelong learners ready to innovate and lead in a competitive and international business environment. To achieve this, we deliver high-quality programs designed to engage students and build their value as professionals. COB focuses on applied learning and reinforcement of business principles and practices. Individual courses and entire academic programs have clear performance goals and are designed to introduce, reinforce, and master critical concepts and skills. Market-oriented in its program offerings and the design and development of programs for our students, COB emphasizes and cultivates innovation, strengthens leadership skills, and emphasizes high-quality performance.

The curriculum's focus throughout the College stresses performance and application, i.e., students will learn to apply business concepts, standards, and information systems to typical and unique work activities in the community. Since most students are adult learners, they are invited to bring their work experiences to the classroom. As a result, class members learn about current business practices and problems from each other, with a better understanding of how principles are being applied in profit and non-profit environments.

In conjunction with the classroom curriculum, Career Services assists students in developing internships with local business organizations. These internships cover a wide range of business functions and provide real-life experience for students and serve as a practical method of applying knowledge gained during the student's degree program.

Bellevue University has received specialized accreditation for its Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).


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