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College of Personnel Management in Warsaw

College of Personnel Management in Warsaw

College of Personnel Management in Warsaw


Welcome to the College of Personnel Management in Warsaw. Our University prides itself on educating entrepreneurial people combining academic knowledge with business practice in their programs and hard and soft skills. The idea - our university's slogan was from the very beginning of its existence, "Knowledge - Skills - Competencies," long before the same slogan appeared in the latest Law on Higher Education.

Our students can choose a form of study tailored to their organizational and financial possibilities depending on the chosen career path: e-learning, part-time (weekend), and full-time studies. The central assumption of our study program is the unique formula "One study - two professions." Thanks to this, regardless of the chosen field of study, our graduates will gain a second profession by choosing an exciting and practical specialty. The high quality of education at our University is confirmed by the GUARANTEE of finding a satisfying job - which we provide to our full-time students. We offer a friendly study atmosphere, comfortable studying conditions, and competitive, meager tuition fees.


  • Warsaw

    Ludwika Hirszfelda,11, 02-776, Warsaw


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