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Copenhagen Business School MSc in Social Science - Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Copenhagen Business School

MSc in Social Science - Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Entrepreneurship is about pursuing opportunities, being innovative, and imagining an unknown future. OIE focuses on processes for designing and managing entrepreneurship and innovation in organisational settings.

We see entrepreneurship and innovation as fundamental aspects of creativity: making the imagination real. Organisations are the medium for the construction of social reality, where intentions and actions develop to create the future.

In an experiential, studio and case-based learning environment, you will integrate theory, real-world practice and personal reflections on creating and growing innovative organisations.

OIE prepares you to develop and utilise your entrepreneurial mindset, understand the complexity and diversity of entrepreneurship, and manage others in turning new ideas into new forms of organisation. OIE builds your problem-solving skills to create economic and social value in an ever-changing global economy.

OIE focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation processes at the societal, organisational, and individual levels. It addresses challenges associated with moving from an industrial to a postindustrial era when new ideas and organisational forms are needed. OIE provides you with a set of capabilities required to meet these challenges by offering experiences to design and test viable business models, products, services, and new modes of organisation; develop sustainable innovations; identify and manage resources; and involve others in collaborative efforts.

Entrepreneurship and innovation take an equal role in OIE. We are interested in organisations that bring novel products and services to market or reinvent how business is being done in an existing industry. We are not interested in the countless “me-too” startups imitating existing business practices or reverse engineering products and services that others have introduced.

Entrepreneurial thinking is relevant for start-up companies and early ventures as well as for established organisations engaging in processes of serial innovation and creativity. OIE looks at the larger forces at play in these diverse contexts for entrepreneurship.

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