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Cuauhtemoc University

Cuauhtemoc University

Cuauhtemoc University


To be an educational institution that develops optimal professional competencies, through innovation, research, linkage derived from its flexible study plans and programs, in such a way as to facilitate in students the generation of knowledge that provides a service to society, with human quality achieving a sense of institutional belonging, with the necessary infrastructure to position itself as the best educational option in the region.

The philosophy of the Cuauhtémoc University understands the human being as the summit of divine wisdom and goodness, capable of defining, knowing what he is and wants to be. Consequently, he is an individual who lives in harmony with society, understands the historical and evolutionary evolution of humanity; and walks towards perfection, managing to satisfy their basic needs to the transcendent ones.


  • Aguascalientes

    Adolfo López Mateos,100, 20116, Aguascalientes