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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague Master's in Landscape Planning
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Master's in Landscape Planning

Prague, Czech Republic

2 Years


Full time

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30 Sep 2024

CZK 25,000 *


* 1 000 EUR (based on current exchange rate)


The Landscape Planning programme aims to sufficiently prepare graduates to be competitive in the international job market. The field of study is therefore strongly oriented toward the acquisition of practical skills, wherein the professional staff of the faculty, including foreign scientific researchers, will share their current knowledge in the field of landscape planning, landscape ecology and landscape architecture with you.

Students learn by working on real projects and become skilled in applied sustainable land use planning and resource management. We often focus this work on the dynamic and varied landscape of the Czech Republic, however sustainable approaches to landscape planning can be applied elsewhere.

Landscape Planning is an accredited master´s degree programme required for the practice of landscape engineering and design in the Czech Republic, the EU and applicable to international locations as well. The two-year study programme consists of required courses and research-based field studies. Course work includes landscape ecology, landscape architecture, spatial planning, land management, landscape history, ArcGIS, aquatic ecosystems, soils and erosion control, and land reclamation.


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