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The foundation spirit of Daejin University

is to nurture capable people who will contribute to developing the nation and human society based on faithfulness, piety and conviction, which are founded on the principle of living harmoniously without any resentment, the aim of Daesun Jinrihoe based on benevolence and righteousness.

1. Faithfulness (Seongsil, 誠實)

“Seong (誠)” refers to “truth” and “sincerity.” It means doing what one realizes in his or her inner mind without any falsehood.

2. Piety (Gyeonggeon, 敬虔)

“Gyeong (敬)” refers to moving forward by following the movement of body and soul in line with proprieties; it refers to “piety” and “carefulness.”

3. Conviction (Sinnyeom, 信念)

“Sin (信)” refers to “belief” and unchanged heart once making a certain decision. It refers to not changing determined mind by private greed and striving to achieve expected aims by sustaining the mind.


  • Pocheon-si

    Pocheon-si, South Korea