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DIGITAL COACH is a Registered Trademark owned in Italy by HR SOLUTIONS SRL, School of Education founded October 22nd 2004, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan with number REA 1828396 and legal and operative office in Milan in Viale Francesco Restelli 3 / 7, in the area of ​​Porta Nuova, in which, within a radius of about 2 KM, the main offices of the Digital economy are located, such as Google, Samsung, Linkedin, Amazon, as well as institutions such as Unicredit, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan and many others.

Teaching Method

  • Strategy: Effective online best practices, Business-oriented strategies, Knowledge immediately applicable in the company
  • Practical-Operative Approach: Business, Concrete and Pragmatic Orientation, Learn to increase customers
  • Tool and Software: Professional tool use, Study directly on Software, Create campaigns, online pages, blogs ...
  • Account Creation: Create the accounts for the activities with the teacher, Configure the accounts live, Use together with the teacher the main features ...
  • Examples and Case Histories: References to Real Cases, Sites and Campaigns shown live
  • Questions online: Questions during the Live lesson, Live Answers, Tutor to support students online
  • Live exercises: Practical exercises during the lesson, Real-case simulations, Corrections in the classroom
  • Exercises at home: Practical exercises assigned during the lesson, Corrections carried out in the classroom
  • Work Experience Activities: Real Cases, Professional Tool Uses, Create Campaigns, Online Pages, Perform Inbound Marketing Activities, Reports

Areas of specialization

DIGITAL COACH's specialization and expertise in the Digital Marketing field are confirmed by the fact that we are a GOOGLE PARTNER, a status that only professional web agencies can achieve by demonstrating that they have internal personnel who possess the GOOGLE CERTIFICATIONS, continuously apply all the BEST PRACTICES in the online campaigns, carry out continuous and significant volumes of web marketing activities. Digital Coach is a school specializing exclusively in training in the Digital Marketing area (Web, Social Media and E-commerce), which is why it is not as well known to the general public as the generalist Universities and Business Schools. On the other hand, we are very well regarded and recognized by companies in the market segment in which we operate (Digital Marketing), so much so that our former students now work in companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Uci Cinemas, Tradedoubler, Mc Donald's, and many others.

Relations with companies

Interacting with Marketing and HR Manager of companies such as ZALANDO, FERRERO, ADIDAS, NATUZZI, RADIO DEEJAY. Digital Coach imports the best international know-how in the digital world in Italy, mainly referring to the American market. From our American references we inherit the training programs of our courses, the teaching methods, the software and tools that we teach to use and the best practices we offer.


The management of the company is entrusted to LUCA PAPA, of which you can view the Linkedin profile by clicking on the image shown; From 2002 to date, Luca as a trainer has seen more than 35,000 professionals from over 280 of the most important multinationals present in Italy participate in their courses. Luca is also one of the 3 Italian GOOGLE REGIONAL TRAINERS, Top professionals selected by Google to train specialists of the most important international Web agencies. The Google Regional Trainers are professionals of the Digital of the highest profile and each country has between 3 and 5 maximum.


  • Milan

    Viale Francesco Restelli,3/7, 20124, Milan