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Domus Academy is a postgraduate Design school located in Milan with Italian and International accreditation. With its masters and advanced courses its goal is to create the next generation of game changers and leaders of tomorrow by putting together different areas of knowledge for cross-disciplinary workshops and internships in collaboration with brands and companies in fashion, product design, interaction design, luxury goods, and more. With experts and opinion leaders present in lectures, labs, and boot camps students will create many connections that will accelerate their careers.

Recognized as One of the Best Postgraduate Design Schools in the World

Our vision is to support next-generation designers to change the future. We are a visionary school of design research and experience, an open and interdisciplinary environment to work on visionary projects with avant-garde companies. Through the ‘learning by designing’ method, we support talents in developing the mindset to find creative solutions in future scenarios.

Why Domus Academy?

Envisioning the Future and Inspiring Life & People all over the World, through Design.

Are you obsessed with Design, in all its forms, and by the Future? Come to Domus Academy!

1. A Place for Envisioner

The visionary school of design research and experience supports the next generation campscustomizableplansRatePostgraduaterecognizedcareersboot camps to be system game-changers and leaders of tomorrow, encouraging young talents to use imagination and creativity to shape the world and create change.

2. Cross- Knowledge Profiles

The school has always focused its pedagogical approach on vertical knowledge as well as on horizontal skillsets, contaminating different areas of knowledge and providing students with a long-lasting curriculum.

3. Real International Environment

An open international and collaborative environment where talents can work with faculty and companies on future-based concepts through disruptive and cross-disciplinary design approaches.

4. Unique Experience & Career Opportunities

Learning methodology based on multiple activities: lectures, workshops, labs, boot camps, and customisable study plans. Connections with companies and professionals, masterclasses with designers and Alumni. Highest Certified Placement rate.

5. Iconic Postgraduate Design School in the Design Capital

Full range of Postgraduate courses with Italian and International accreditation. Based in Milan, the world’s capital of fashion and design. Internationally recognised as one of the most iconic Schools.



To be eligible to enroll in a Domus Academy Academic Master’s/Double Award Master’s Programme, you must have:

  • A first-level academic degree (bachelor’s degree or academic diploma) in a field related to your selected master’s course.
  • Certificate of English language proficiency on entry: IELTS 5.0 for the Academic Master’s Programmes, IELTS 5.5 for the Double Award Master’s Programmes.

To be eligible to enroll in the 2-year Master of Arts, you must have:

  • 15 years of previous education.
  • A first-level academic degree (bachelor’s degree or academic diploma) in a field related to your selected master’s course.
  • Certificate of English language proficiency on entry: IELTS 5.0 or equivalent.

The programs are also open to students with a different degree or diploma, provided that the applicant is motivated by a strong interest in the program’s topics and demonstrates the necessary technical skills. The program leader and members of the Admissions Committee evaluate each application and determine whether the candidate’s previous education and technical skills meet the entry requirements.

Documents Required

Academic Masters/2-Year Master of Arts

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae / Resume
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Bachelor’s Degree or Academic Diploma translated into English or official Certificate of Expected Graduation issued by your Institution if not graduated yet
  • Copy of Bachelor’s Degree or Academic Diploma’s official transcript/mark sheet translated into English (listing subjects and exams, with corresponding number of hours/ credits) or most updated official transcript/mark sheet if not graduated yet
  • Portfolio of projects (not mandatory for MFM, MLBM, MBD, MSD)
  • Essay assignment for MSD
  • Motivation letter
  • IELTS 5.0 Academic
  • Only if applicable: regular certification or self-declaration stating the process of enrolment is ongoing or the official enrolment in another postgraduate University program in Italy or abroad and self-declaration of having the necessary prerequisites.
  • Application fee of €100

Scholarships and Funding

Take the chance to get a scholarship and pursue your studies in Design, Fashion, Business and Experience areas at Domus Academy!

We are launching a portfolio-based competition for Academic Master’s Programmes and Double Award Master’s Programmes starting in September 2024 and for 2–year Master of Arts Programmes starting in October 2024. Candidates to the Academic & Double Award Master’s programmes have the chance to get scholarships up to 7.000 € while candidates of 2-Year Master of Arts can get scholarships up to 4.000 € for the first year.

Competitions are addressed to graduates in Fashion, Design, Architecture, Visual Arts, Communication and Business and junior professionals working or willing to work in creative industries fields.

Our faculty consisting of talented international professionals put together different briefs starting from current challenges and themes students might face during the Masters.

Take the chance and apply by 22nd March 2024!


Domus Academy received the Compasso d’Oro Award by ADI, Associazione Disegno Industriale (Industrial Design Association).

In 2019, Domus Academy was awarded with special Badges of Excellence in Learning Experience by the prestigious The Business of Fashion Assessment.

It has been recognized as one of Azure magazine’s Top 8 Interior Design and Interaction Design Schools (2016 and 2017) and listed by Domus Magazine as one of Europe’s Top 100 Schools of Architecture and Design (2014-2017).

BusinessWeek called it one of the Best Design Schools in the World (2009).

Domus Academy is included in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, in UI GreenMetric, and THE Impact Rankings.


  • Milan

    Via Carlo Darwin, 20, 20143, Milan