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EAE Madrid Master in Marketing and Sales
EAE Madrid

Master in Marketing and Sales

Madrid, Spain

10 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

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The Master in Marketing and Sales at EAE Business School Madrid is a program specialized in the functional area of marketing and sales within the company. Its focus covers both strategic and operational management of the product and its relationship with the market, both in physical products and services.

The objective of the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School Madrid is to train professionals capable of acquiring the necessary technical knowledge and skills in the field of Marketing and Commercialization, as well as developing management skills required in the professional and labor market.

The educational methodology provides a strategic and global vision of the company, within the framework of a specialized program in Marketing Management and Commercial Management. This is reflected in the inclusion of a Business Game in the program, which allows testing the knowledge acquired through the "learn by doing" approach.

At the end of the program, you will obtain a double degree: a Master's Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management from EAE Business School and a Master's Degree in International Marketing Management from the International Business University (UNIE).

The Master's Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management has as its main objective to fulfill the following purposes:

  • Acquire a strategic perspective of the commercial area and understand its relationship with the global strategy of the company.
  • Develop and implement the necessary marketing strategies to achieve the planned objectives, master the techniques of obtaining competitive information, and use the different Marketing Mix policies. In addition, identify opportunities, threats, and possible changes in the business environment.
  • Delve into the opportunities and challenges that constantly arise due to new trends, becoming familiar with the key aspects of Online Marketing and leading the implementation of new marketing management systems oriented to the market and the consumer.
  • Lead and motivate work teams in a globalized and multicultural environment, generating value for the company through a good relationship between the Marketing Department and the rest of the organization.
  • Analyze the market situation, define different scenarios, identify opportunities, and establish the most appropriate marketing strategy, as well as determine the most effective way to implement it.

Why choose the Master in Marketing and Sales Management at EAE Madrid?

Digital skills: You will learn to use customer management tools such as CRM and digital tactics to position, communicate, and sell your products in the market.

Analytical and practical approach: You will explore the application of Big Data to marketing and sales, as well as participate in a real business simulator on the subject of "Delivering value to the international client".

Membership of professional associations: As a student, you will have the opportunity to be a member of the Spanish Marketing Association (AME) and the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (DIGITAL), accessing their resources and keeping up to date in your professional field.

Prestigious alliances: EAE Business School Madrid has associations with the main marketing entities in Spain, such as AME and ADIGITAL.

International focus: You will be able to take advantage of international agreements with various universities and study centers, and at the end of the master's degree, you will have the opportunity to participate in a two-week residential program at associated institutions.

True Potential Experience: This experience combines the master's degree with a personalized professional development plan, guided by a True Potential advisor, to help you discover and enhance your true potential.

Minors: EAE Madrid offers the possibility of obtaining an optional individualized degree online at the end of the master's degree, to strengthen your professional profile and differentiate yourself in the labor market.


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