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East London University Master in Finance
East London University

Master in Finance

East London, South Africa

2 Years


Full time

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Feb 2025

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In the era of new business, the formula for success demands more than clicking through spreadsheets or grabbing headlines from stock-market tickers. Here at the East London University, our greatest insights are born from a hands-on understanding of how finance can improve people's lives. We invite you to roll up your sleeves — and get down to business.

This Postgraduate Master program will prepare you for a position in the Finance field (Analyst, Quant, Risk Management, etc.). The Master in Finance affords up-to-the-minute knowledge in the most innovative areas of finance, including geopolitics, behavioral finance, risk governance, and Islamic finance. The master will also equip you with a practical and applied knowledge, as well as the additional values you will need to succeed as a financier. The master combines the academic rigor of the analysis tools with the experience of seasoned professionals.

Our immersive, MS in Finance program will equip you with the foundational skills to:

  • Identify, evaluate, and implement capital budgeting processes to maximize shareholder value
  • Assess financial risk and proficiency, especially when future payoffs are uncertain
  • Understand and implement asset allocation strategies and risk management procedures
  • Leverage cutting-edge finance techniques and the resources that support them


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