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ESIC Business & Marketing School Master of Permanent Training in Project Management and Agile Methodologies
ESIC Business & Marketing School

Master of Permanent Training in Project Management and Agile Methodologies

Madrid, Spain

10 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

EUR 15,300



Direct your best project! If you are looking for a path to professional growth and want to acquire valuable skills to manage projects effectively, the Master of Project Management and Agile Methodologies is the perfect option for you.

This program will provide you with a deep understanding of how to plan, execute and control projects successfully, using advanced methods, systems, more effective techniques and tools adapted to current technological and business needs. Additionally, you will enhance your personal skills so that they allow you to lead teams, communicate effectively and make strategic decisions that drive the success of your projects. Don't miss the opportunity to develop skills that will give you a valuable competitive advantage and lead you to professional success!

Once you finish the program, you will be able to obtain the title of Master of Lifelong Training in Project Management and Agile Methodologies issued by ESIC University.

Why study a Master's Degree in Project Management and Agile Methodologies?

MPM is a comprehensive management program that will provide you with the necessary skills to lead projects professionally, acquiring the most up-to-date methodologies, techniques and tools.


More and more companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs choose to apply agile methodologies in their work teams, since they achieve more involvement of the people in the team, more clarity when making decisions or greater transparency regarding the status of the project. .


The application of the agile methodology represents a dynamic way of managing and developing projects. With it, productivity is increased and effective results are obtained, since resources and times are optimized.

Soft skills

In addition, and increasingly important, you will be able to develop and improve the management skills (soft skills), necessary to face the challenges in increasingly global, uncertain and technologically disruptive environments, where the ethical and socially responsible behavior of companies and people is a growing demand from all stakeholders.

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