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EUDE, Escuela Europea de Dirección De Empresas Master in International Trade and Strategic Management
EUDE, Escuela Europea de Dirección De Empresas

Master in International Trade and Strategic Management

Madrid, Spain

12 Months


Full time

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The Master in International Trade and Strategic Management aims to provide the student with an eminently practical vision of the needs that the company has to internationalize its market.

The Internet has made the globalization of the market an increasingly necessary fact. At a business level, it has been an opportunity not only for large multinationals, but also for organizations that, with the right professionals, aspire to access international markets in the short term.

In order to achieve this, it is vitally important to have the necessary knowledge in matters such as: International Contracting Models and the Taxation they maintain; Logistics and Transportation on an international scale, Electronic Commerce and new 2.0 technologies or Marketing Plans applied to the foreign market.

Methodology of the Master in International Trade and strategic management

The work methodology developed at EUDE Business School that is applied in our Master in International Trade and strategic management is based on the Case Method. An eminently practical training is the best basis for the student to acquire the knowledge, skills and experiences that the company needs. The cases developed in each area of knowledge are success stories that offer the student a wide margin for analysis and discussion.

The classroom with small groups or the EUDE Virtual Campus, the leading platform at European level, will be the most appropriate forums for students to share their opinions and reflections on each document.

The study program has been prepared under the supervision and advice of leading companies in the sector, as well as a faculty made up of managers and former managers of multinational and national companies (Telefónica, Deloitte, DHL, Inchaersa, Geindesa, Debebé or Drommer Consulting). .

At the end of the program, the student will deliver and defend his Final Master Project *. The PFM * is a business plan, real or simulated, in which the student must have applied all the knowledge and tools acquired.

Throughout the duration of the program, the student will have a personalized Tutor and continuous feedback from the teachers, which will allow the student to know their points of improvement and strengths at all times.

* The PFM will be compulsory for students in face-to-face mode. The rest of the Modalities are exempt from this requirement, except for those students who have chosen the Master of Access to the official degree.


This program has obtained the endorsement of the Business School of the Quito Chamber of Commerce , with extensive experience in training SMEs and companies in the field of internationalization in Ecuador.

Complement your program with training in English

Face-to-face language training is one of the most important steps in training decisions towards a managerial or professional career, which is why EUDE understands that training must be 360º and includes the possibility that students who study the face-to-face modality include a training in parallel with the postgraduate.

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