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European School of Political and Social Sciences

European School of Political and Social Sciences

European School of Political and Social Sciences

Masterclass: State Power Unveild - 5 March, 6.30pm CET

21st Century Dynamics in Authority and Global Collaboration. In this lecture, Professor Johannes Karremans will explore how the different MA programmes at ESPOL address the theme of state power in the modern era.


ESPOL, a multilingual and multicultural school

Political science is a discipline driven by excellence that offers attractive career prospects with a strong international outlook. Living up to this ambition, ESPOL, the European School of Political and Social Sciences, offers an interdisciplinary education oriented towards political careers and Europe. As the successor to the School of Social and Political Sciences created within the Catholic University of Lille in 1894, ESPOL emphasizes on human values and on ethics of responsibilities - indispensable qualities for making one’s way in today’s world.

Its bilingual French-English courses provide an original and innovative platform for teaching political science.

The Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees give ESPOL graduates the keys to succeed in an increasingly competitive job market: theoretical knowledge and creativity, professionalism and intellectual curiosity, competences, and sense of initiative.

European, multilingual and in step with its time, ESPOL provides you with the requisite skill set to successfully enter the job market in Europe and beyond!

ESPOL is founded on three core principles:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Community service

The Catholic University of Lille

The history of the Catholic University of Lille began in 1875 with its five founding faculties, which have since provided instruction to many generations of students to guide them through social, political and economic changes at regional, national and international levels.

The Catholic University of Lille is also composed of additional schools and institutes, including ESPOL (political science), ISEA (accounting), the Department of Ethics and Philosophy, and the IU2S (healthcare administration). The mission adopted by the Faculties of the Catholic University of Lille is to train our students to become highly skilled, creative and flexible professionals as well as active and responsible citizens. In pursuit of this aim, through their core activities of teaching, research and serving society, the Faculties remain at all times attentive to the world around them and ready to adapt. Their primary ambition is to create the ideal environment for students to become the main actors of their education and to be responsible citizens, with humanist values and striving for excellence. These are invaluable qualities to successfully enter the job market.

The advantages offered by the faculties:

  • All courses are tailored to current job market trends
  • Assistance in the construction of the career project
  • Personalized supervision in higher studies
  • Career center and internships to help students enter the job market
  • Study abroad opportunities for all students to learn about other cultures and learning methods (Erasmus, International Relations department.)
  • A rich student life with many associations (culture, sport, charity, etc.) that have been active for several generations in one of the finest universities in France
  • Services to facilitate daily life (housing services, cafeterias, sports, clubs, etc.)
  • Support services (social services, grants & financial assistance)
  • Attentiveness to student needs and sharing of humanist values
  • Alumni community networks
  • Fundamental and applied research dedicated to fostering knowledge and skills to create, innovate and develop.

Incoming students

Every year, ESPOL receive about 30% of foreign students, through an exchange program or within the Program in European Politics. It is important to us that every student feels integrated and enjoys the time spent here in ESPOL and also in this new environment. To achieve this goal, several services and devices can be used by our international students, such as the International Affairs office, student associations, and guides.

Following this link, you will find an International Student Guide that might help you with your new life here.

International Student Guide

Student life

“ESPOL strongly encourages innovative and vocationally-oriented student initiatives (creating a school newspaper, organization of roundtables on recent political events, training in public speaking, meetings and debates on current topics) by giving students its support to develop their ideas and design their projects.”


Head of communication and student life

Community life


The Student Union, known as the “BDE” (French for Bureau des Étudiants), represents students in relation to the school administration. The role of the BDE is also to participate in the life of the school, through various initiatives and activities (parties, lectures, travel and leisure, humanitarian actions and so on).


The M.U.N. delegation is a society set up by ESPOL students with the purpose of representing the school in various MUN sessions organized throughout Europe. The delegation is, of course, open to all ESPOL students interested in this project!


Created in 2015, the purpose of this society is to integrate foreign students arriving at ESPOL. How? By organizing a “buddies system”, introducing students to the region and French culture and helping them out with administrative procedures upon their arrival in France.

Contact: [email protected]

ESPOL’ART (Arts office)

ESPOL’art is the school in charge of artistic activities. It promotes cultural life at the school through activities such as theatre, painting or cinema.


The “Vox Juvenis” society organizes debates and political discussions among students but also with the participation of people active in political life, who talk about their experience and how politics functions today. All in an ideology-free atmosphere.


“Révolte-toi Espol” is a student society which promotes Art of Oratory in association with the “French Federation of Debate”. 30 active members of “Révolte-toi Espol” are organizing exercises and training every week in order to prepare the French Cup and the World Cup.

Open to everyone, “Révolte-toi Espol” endorsed the “FFD” motto: “speakers are made, not born”.

The BDS (Sports office)

The ESPOL Sports Office is in charge of sport and physical activity. Various activities are organized regularly, including jogging, football, and skating. The BDS ESPOL also works in coordination with other sports offices as well as with the University for the promotion of sport within each institution. “Mens Sana in corpore sano” is the motto of BDS ESPOL.


This society is an advocacy group for children’s rights, officially launching at the start of the 2015-2016 academic year. Its primary purpose is to reach the widest possible public through advocacy and fundraising. Its initiatives take different forms according to circumstance: lectures, exhibitions, fashion shows and so on. Everyone is free to come and propose an idea. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to join us, or simply lend a hand from time to time.

Contact: Hélène Odier [email protected]


The European Centre was founded to enhance student life and foster student debate about the question of Europe. Run by an enthusiastic team with a keen interest in the challenges of EU development, the European Centre seeks to be a place of awareness, discussion, and sharing. Lectures, poster and article competitions, student debates, meetings with actors of European Union life and events in secondary schools. There’s something for everyone!


In June 2015, ESPOL celebrated its first graduating year. In May 2015 these “future alumni” took the initiative of creating an Alumni Association “Alumni ESPOL”, which they inaugurated at the end of year academic gala. Alumni ESPOL aims to network former ESPOL students and especially to maintain their links with the school. These first ESPOL graduates remain strongly attached to their school and care about its future.

Contact: [email protected]

Lille, the student city by definition

Lille and its 87 municipalities form a cross-border, cosmopolitan and eclectic European city of more than one million inhabitants. At the crossroads of Europe, Lille is located 1 hour from Paris, 40 minutes from Brussels and 90 minutes from London by train.

Lille, a young and dynamic city

With more than 100,000 students, Lille is one of the youngest cities in France: 36% of its population is under 25. Moreover, one inhabitant out of two of the area around the Catholic University of Lille, The quartier Vauban, is under 25.

As a cultural metropolis, Lille buzzes with artistic activity: Lille Opera, Lille National Orchestra, theatres, the Ballet du Nord and many museums.

Every evening, the city proposes more than 100 different events. In addition, Lille has over 20 theatres!

A metropolis at the heart of Europe

Lille is only 1 hour far from Paris by TGV, 30 minutes from Brussels and 90 minutes from London. The city’s staunchly international outlook is reflected in the organisation of numerous events with an international scope, such as the World Forum, lille3000, the UEFA Europa League and the really famous Braderie de Lille in September that bring each year around 3 million people from all around the world and that takes its origin in the 12th century!

Architectural heritage

Listed as a city of Art and History, Lille has preserved many buildings from its past that bear witness to wide-ranging artistic influences from the Middle Ages to 19th-century industrial development. From gothic to classical, Flemish Renaissance and Art Nouveau, its untypical architecture is a delight for the eyes!


  • International students:


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  • Student to faculty ratio:

    13 to 1

Campus Features

  • Campus size:


  • Stand out architecture:

    Eco-designed building

  • Number of buildings:


  • Accommodation:

    17 accommodation solutions in Lille with the University

Scholarships and Funding

AmountApplication Deadline
ESPOL Students Excellence Grants2,000 EURJuly 1, 2023
Susan Strange Prize1,000 EURJuly 1, 2023
Féron Vrau ScholarshipJune 17, 2023

Alumni Statistics


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