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Faculty of Architecture and Design, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava M.Sc. in Architecture
Faculty of Architecture and Design, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

M.Sc. in Architecture

Bratislava, Slovakia

2 Years


Full time

31 May 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 3,600 / per year *


* per year


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Enrolling in the master’s study program Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Slovak University of Technology (FAD STU or just FAD) you will unfold your creativity and acquire abilities to develop complex architectural ideas and designs of new buildings as well as reconstruction of historical buildings, including their interiors and exteriors. You will be eligible to draft technical documentation of all project stages from architectural design through building permit projects to construction plans. Working on the scale of a city, you will be eligible to develop urban designs and master plans. In all this, you will make use of the understanding of cultural, intellectual, historic, socio-economic, and ecological relations of the architecture and the environment, and you will rely on experiences, presentation, and other skills obtained during your master studies at the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

You can apply for the study program Architecture after having successfully finished your bachelor studies. However, the major prerequisite to do so is passing in Architecture, Urban Design, or in a related study program of any of the recognized study fields.

Why the Faculty of Architecture and Design of STU in Bratislava?

The Faculty of Architecture and Design today is a creative and competitive institution with an open-minded staff and successfully exploits international cooperation possibilities in research and education. Especially through the Erasmus Plus mobility program, the faculty offers exchange possibilities with more than 50 partner institutions all over Europe. Annually dozens of students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design study abroad as well as international students arrive to study here. Last academic year, we had 29 international students who came to study with us.

As one of the smallest metropolis in Central and Western Europe, the vibrant city of Bratislava represents an inspiring and at the same time affordable place for international students and travelers. Thanks to its geographical location in central Europe it is the gate to Europe. You will enjoy its proximity to Vienna, Budapest, Prague with perfect traffic connections. The shared history and close distances are common to these capitals and provide many opportunities for cultural, social, and traveling experiences. Great bus and railway connections from Bratislava as well as easy accessibility to Bratislava and Vienna airport offer cheap connections to major European destinations.



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