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Faith International University And Seminary

Faith International University And Seminary

Faith International University And Seminary


Faith International University trains students representing various Christian organizations committed to the inerrancy of God's Word. Students with ties to a specific denomination, association, or synod may have the option to choose courses that emphasize their theological perspective. In 2016, the institution's name was changed to Faith International University to better cater to our growing international student population. The name Faith Seminary continues to serve our graduate program.

The institution provides instructors and facilities for undergraduates and graduates in Christian education. The institution also grants degrees required for the church's multiplicity of ministries. It provides academic opportunities in a live setting that encourages students to live under God's Word's guidance for God's glory.

Our mission is pursued through the development of a community of teachers and students who seek to strengthen their Christian beliefs by exegeting and interpreting Scripture, who uphold the form of doctrine expressed in the historic creeds and confessions of orthodox Christianity, and who labour together in fellowship to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The school seeks to serve the church and society by educating, training and nurturing students toward spiritual maturity and readiness to serve God effectively in both the church and the world. The institution expects faculty, staff, and students to model Christian values such as faithfulness, humility, and service.


  • Tacoma

    North Pearl Street,3504, 98407, Tacoma