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Federal University Of Goiás

Federal University Of Goiás

Federal University Of Goiás


UFG is an educational, research, and extension institution that aims to produce, systematize and socialize knowledge and knowledge, training professionals and citizens committed to the transformation and development of society. Throughout its 59 years of history, UFG has diversified and expanded its operations and today it has 102 on-campus undergraduate courses and 22 thousand students, distributed in two regions, Goiás and Goiânia. In the capital, UFG has the Aparecida de Goiânia Campus, the Colemar Natal e Silva Campus (Praça Universitária) and the Campus Samambaia. In the Goiás Regional, UFG offers 7 courses divided into two Special Academic Units. In addition to graduation, UFG offers 78 stricto sensu postgraduate courses between master's, doctorate, and professional master's degrees, with more than 4,200 students.

Something fundamental to know: UFG is a public, secular and free University. What does that mean? That it belongs to everyone, regardless of religious belief, social class, sexual orientation, race/color, ideological / party affiliation, or any other specificity. It also means that it is maintained by federal public funds, that is, from the taxes paid by all of us.

What's more, UFG is a place where respect for socio-cultural diversity and freedom of expression are central values, protected by the University Statute, which ensures respect for everyone and the pluralism of ideas, without discrimination of any kind.


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