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Front Range Bible Institute

Front Range Bible Institute

Front Range Bible Institute


Front Range Bible Institute (FRBI) was formed in 2006 in response to a shifting paradigm in theological education prompted by rising costs and relocation logistics associated with traditional biblical seminaries. The church-based Bible Institute was developed as a complementary alternative for easily accessible, high quality, and lower cost systematic theological training and ministry equipping. All for the purpose of assisting local churches accomplish the God-given mandates of the Great Commission.

In short, FRBI takes seminary-level instruction and brings it down to the local church level. In content, FRBI’s courses essentially mirror that of a Master of Divinity program found in a traditional seminary. Because FRBI gives this at the local church level, the class demands are geared to a level of intensity that is appropriate for such a setting. The level of outside study and reading also vary — depending upon which program the student is participating in.


  • Colorado Springs

    West Uintah Street,615, 80905, Colorado Springs