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Gdynia Maritime University MS in International Trade, Transport And Logistics
Gdynia Maritime University

MS in International Trade, Transport And Logistics

Pomorska, Poland

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Polish, English

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Oct 2023

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II-cycle studies in the field of Innovative Economic aim to equip the graduate with knowledge, skills, and competencies, allowing him/her to operate actively and with full awareness in the knowledge-based economy. He/she can identify, model, and analyze reasons and the course of socio-economic phenomena and their relations, using the advanced methods and tools to achieve this. The deepened economic knowledge the graduate is equipped with allows him/her to move freely in the socio-economic space and to make rational decisions. He/she has an awareness of the importance of innovations and technological progress to ensure sustainable development of the economy worldwide, in different countries, regions, and local communities. Moreover, he/she is prepared to create and implement innovative solutions; understands the need for continuous enhancement of his/her knowledge and skills and the need for flexible adaptation to changes in the economic surrounding. He/she is aware of contemporary global challenges. Good command of English, at least the intermediate level, and the ability to choose and apply the appropriate information technologies to realize the tasks that he/she is facing enhance his/her competitiveness on the job market.

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