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Gestalt University of Design

Gestalt University of Design

Gestalt University of Design


On September 13, 1988, the articles of incorporation of the company were signed to register as "Gestalt School of Design A.C."

As of 1991, the first Recognition of Official Validity of Studies for the degree in Graphic Design was obtained, which is why the School becomes an institution of higher studies incorporated into the Ministry of Public Education.

In February 2007, the new facilities were inaugurated in the iconic building on Av. Primero de Mayo 113, and as of 2010, it changed its name to Gestalt University of Design.

The relationship of aesthetic, technical, theoretical, and human knowledge allows the University's professors to approach the teaching of design in an integrated way. This results in the easy understanding and interpretation of the concepts of the form by the students.

The UGD has promoted the teaching of design with quality, with international references, being a pioneer and avant-garde in the Mexican southeast, gradually founding the degrees that allow this goal to be achieved.


  • Heroica Veracruz

    Avenida 1o. de Mayo,113, 91020, Heroica Veracruz