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Hakkari University


Hakkari University’s mission is to achieve and teach the scientific mentality with independent studies and creative activities in which both fields of education and educators bear free thought, in which studies conducted within the framework of scientificness and authenticity extend beyond finding quantitative value, in which intellectual freedom finds an expression thanks to the acceptance of differences and all-natural and cultural riches that can be converted into a new resource within existing conditions.

Our vision as an institution is to become a researcher university in which thoughts are independent, differences are accepted and tolerated, and that advances on the way to self-realization on an individual and social basis.

Hakkari University was established with the 99th article of the Law on Amendment in Statements Annexed to the Legislative Decree on Personnel Cadre of Instructors in Higher Education Institutions and in Higher Education Organizations Law no. 5765 and dated 5/22/2008, and the university obtained its legal personality as Hakkari University.

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, also the Faculty of Educational Sciences transferred from YüzüncüYıl University Rectorship was established with the Decree of the Council of Ministers no. 2011/2018 published in the Official Gazette No. 27983 and dated 7/3/2011, and the Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Fine Arts and the School of Foreign Languages were established with the Decree of the Council of Ministers no. 2011/2088 published in the Official Gazette No. 28031 and dated 8/20/2011.

Çölemerik Vocational College transferred from YüzüncüYıl University, Yüksekova Vocational College and Health Services Vocational College continue their activities.

The Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Science and Technology, and Continuing Education Center affiliated to the Rectorship were established.

In addition, Operations Management of Circulating Capital was established in 2011.


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