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Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen Interdisciplinary Business Professional
Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Interdisciplinary Business Professional

Groningen, Netherlands

1 Years

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Sep 2024

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Interdisciplinary Business Professional

Do you wish to work in interdisciplinary teams with people from different backgrounds and contribute your expertise and creativity to achieve a common goal? Are you able to think out of the box, accept new, exciting challenges and study problems from all possible angles? The Interdisciplinary Business Professional is an intensive, groundbreaking one-year international master’s programme in the domain of business studies, designed for ambitious students who are eager to make a difference. You will contribute to solutions and innovations for wicked problems that organisations are facing. Wicked problems are complex interdisciplinary issues that require innovative and diverse answers for organisations that add value to both people and our planet.

The master’s programme consists of three pillars: Applied Research, Interdisciplinary Assignments and Professional Skills Development & Ethics. These three pillars are based on the view that the future business professional needs to be equipped with critical thinking skills along with analytical skills to be able to handle complex issues.
The master’s programme kicks off with an intensive week where you will meet fellow students and focus on a case study based on a real business issue. In the following weeks you will work in interdisciplinary teams on an assignment centred around one of
the themes of the master’s programme. During these weeks you will receive intensive training on your research skills.
Via the Networking Event at the start of the Innovation Assignment module, you are enabled to do your research project acquisition. In the following weeks you work in interdisciplinary teams on complex issues from the professional field. This module provides a dynamic combination of co-creation with fellow students and the professional field, academic depth provided by (guest) lectures and professorships, and an evidence-based approach with insights from different disciplinary perspectives. Both (guest) lectures from experts in the field and the Community of Learners will support you throughout the master’s programme.
Your master thesis is the centrepiece of the programme. You will demonstrate that you can execute an applied research project independently in an interdisciplinary professional context. You will complete the full research cycle and prove that you can conceive and apply innovative and relevant solutions.


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