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Hatay Mustafa Kemal University EMERGENCY AID AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT (Master)
Hatay Mustafa Kemal University


Istanbul, Turkey

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Sep 2023

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The purpose of this department is within the scope of 4-year undergraduate education and in line with the main principles stated in the a and b clauses of the 4th article and the 5th article of the Yükseköğretim Law No 2547,will be able to take office in “expert / assistant expert” and “manager” positions within the body of fire brigades and all kinds of health institutions, knowing and able to apply the basic methods applied in this field, at the same time ability to provide the training required by the subject to the existing staff in the unit where he / she is assigned, to train specialist staff who have the ability to refer and manage the unit they will work in.

Pre-disaster education, awareness-raising, project development, coordination especially in case of disaster, to train innovative, researcher and entrepreneurial experts who are equipped with the knowledge and skills related to their profession to conduct and manage all kinds of loss-reducing activities.

Program of Education and Internships

In the Emergency Aid and Disaster Management Department, a very intensive and application-based training program involving Search-Rescue, Emergency Assistance, Firefighting and Disaster Management topics is implemented in four areas.

The curriculum of the program, consisting of four years (eight semesters), is based on applied education from the first semester. In the first semester, along with the basis of anatomy and physiology, it is aimed to convey the concept of disaster management and its basic principles in search and rescue activities. After the second semester, when these concepts are further intensified in practice; namely from the second year onwards, the program curriculum focuses on “emergency aid, emergency patient care, search and rescue, use of emergency vehicles, firefighting and disaster management” and there are also courses on “chemistry, mathematics, electricity, basic building knowledge, technical drawing, project design, communication, civil defense and criminology” which are the areas that support these subjects. Also during the four-year undergraduate education, besides computer and foreign language education, physical education and bodybuilding program are also implemented. In addition, our students are expected to do an internship in the fire departments and emergency services of the hospitals and 112 command control centers in the summer, consisting of 2 times 20 workdays each. Students who successfully complete all the courses and internships that compose the curriculum will be entitled to graduate.

Job and Career Opportunities

The main employment areas can be listed as follows:

Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Firefighting and Fire Safety Teaching affiliated to the Ministries of Education

Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD),Information Officer

In Metropolitan Municipalities,Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) Disaster Management Specialist- Fire Brigade Departments Firefighter

General Directorate of State Airports AuthorityAircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) / Fire Brigade

Organized Industry Facility, Disaster Management Specialist – Firefighter

Disaster Management Specialist in Civil Society Organizations related to Emergency Aid and Disasters

Can take part in projects related to disasters in United Nations organizations and international organizations,

Private Sector in Disaster Management Related Areas

Lecturer in Relevant Departments at Universities

Document-Diploma and Title Taken After Education

Those who complete the program are given the title of "Emergency Aid and Disaster Manager".

Who Should Prefer Emergency Aid and Disaster Management Department?

It is facilitating to make this profession such as helpfulness, quick and accurate decision making in urgent and instantaneous events or situations, being physically fit, being meticulous, being calm in the face of events requiring excitement, being able to communicate well with people and being compatible with team work can come to the fore as elements.

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