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HfKM Regensburg

HfKM Regensburg

HfKM Regensburg


The church music school in Regensburg is founded by Franz Xaver Haberl as the world's first and to this day existing Catholic church music school. Right from the start, it has international significance beyond the German-speaking area.

The early romantic writer and philosopher Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg, who inscribed himself in world literature under the name Novalis, left us the quote in his work "Heinrich von Ofterdingen" with the question of where our path is leading. He provided the answer in his fragment of the novel. But what does he mean by that? His answer is basically very clear and simple. It refers us back to our own self, to the longing to be with ourselves. And also the need to understand yourself, because in the end that's what remains of a life. Being at home in the here and now, growing in education and human maturity, as part of a larger whole.


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    Andreasstraße,9, 93059, Regensburg