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Hiroshima Institute Of Technology

Hiroshima Institute Of Technology


Tsuru Gakuen has two educational philosophies: the founding spirit of "education is love" and the educational policy of "always walking with God and serving society." Based on this educational philosophy, Hiroshima Institute of Technology is conducting education with the aim of developing engineers who "serve society" with a high sense of ethics.

About 50 years after its founding, Hiroshima Institute of Technology has produced more than 48,000 graduates as engineers and is currently active in various fields. I hope that students will not only acquire specialized knowledge and skills, but also human power so that they can play an active role as engineers who will support an unpredictable society in the future. An education and support system that values ​​each and every one of you will bring out your full potential.

Based on the "Faculty of Engineering" that pursues the possibilities of technology, the "Faculty of Informatics" that develops the infinite possibilities of human life through information, and the coexistence of the environment, we will create tomorrow for architecture, housing, community development, and the global environment. It consists of 4 faculties and 12 departments, the "Faculty of Environment" to create and the "Faculty of Life" that supports life with medical and food technologies. In an era of rapid change, we strive to develop engineers with high ethical standards and the ability to put them into practice without losing sight of the origins of the two educational principles. I sincerely hope that all students will value their relationships with people and society and grow as engineers who can contribute to society.


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