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Hochschule Furtwangen

Hochschule Furtwangen

Hochschule Furtwangen


Furtwangen University (HFU) is a leading university in Germany and is characterized by top positions in the following areas:

High quality and innovation in teaching

Practical relevance through cooperation with business

International cooperation

Applied research

Continuing education and lifelong learning

Qualification and motivation

Social responsibility and safeguarding the future

The core business of the Furtwangen University is scientifically based, practical training and further education. Traditional subject boundaries are exceeded through interdisciplinary work. The HFU is a leader in the fields of engineering, IT, business informatics, industrial engineering, media, international business, and health. The university constantly adapts its range of services to future-oriented developments. The aim is to lead talented young people in future-oriented courses of study to qualified, state-recognized degrees that open up above-average professional opportunities for them. At the same time, we want to promote their development into responsible, confident personalities who develop and represent problem solutions independently.

In addition, our university makes a contribution to innovation and qualification in business and society as well as to the promotion of young scientists through application-oriented research and scientific training.

High quality and innovation in teaching

Our goal is high-quality, practice-oriented, and professional training based on scientific principles. Our courses of study extend to the undergraduate and postgraduate areas as well as professional training at the university level. The university imparts scientific, technical, and methodological competence in quality-checked Bachelor's and Master’s courses. We continuously improve our courses and qualifications and use innovative teaching methods in an attractive learning environment. The course imparts interdisciplinary, application-oriented knowledge for independent further development of the necessary professional skills. The promotion of key qualifications strengthens the competencies of the students and contributes to the development of their personality.


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