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HSE University Master in Data Science
HSE University

Master in Data Science

Moscow, Russia

2 Years


Full time

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RUB 390,000 / per year *


* 195 000 – 390 000 RUB/year


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In order to analyze the growing volume of data generated in all areas of today’s society, the modern IT industry is elevating the issue of Big Data. Likewise, the academic community is establishing the emerging field of Data Science. This program includes training in the fields of computational models, mathematical modeling and forecasting, computer architecture, advanced programming techniques, as well as data storage and retrieval. On the strength of its multidisciplinary design, this program may serve as a backbone that is of interest to graduates of numerous faculties, as well as to staff members at research centers. Graduates of the program will be able to solve problems concerning data search, collection, storage, preparation, and analysis, as well as interpretation of results in the area of ​​specialization.

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Program Overview

Data Science master’s program includes the full-time educational track for English-speaking students which consists of a set of basic disciplines and a variety of elective and optional courses in English.

The aim of the program is to train highly qualified experts in applied mathematics, information science, and data analysis.

The program involves an in-depth study of mathematical methods of artificial intelligence models and modern methods of data analysis, mathematical and informational modeling of complex systems as well as a computer realization of these methods. The knowledge and skills of graduates from this course are in demand by Russian Federation ministries and institutions, regional administrations, and large companies.

The concept and the curriculum of the specialization in Internet Data Analysis have been developed in conjunction with Yandex. This track involves the teaching of special disciplines by the Company staff members, the participation of students, postgraduates, and lecturers in projects implementing tasks suggested by Yandex and related to its business operations, vocational training for students in Yandex, and joint research carried out together with Yandex staff.



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