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Academy for Cultural Diplomacy - Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies

Academy for Cultural Diplomacy - Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies

Academy for Cultural Diplomacy - Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies


The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) of the ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy is the world's leading center for the study of Cultural Diplomacy, offering educational and professional development opportunities for individuals, interested in pursuing further education and careers in academia, diplomacy, government, and/or the private sector, related either wholly or in part to the field of Cultural Diplomacy.

The CCDS focuses in particular on exploring the balancing between hard and soft power, the process of globalization in an interdependent world, international economics & business multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue & exchange, human rights, religion, and the ability for culturally-based initiatives to further mutual understanding and in turn to foster global peace and stability.


The CCDS programs offer high levels of leadership and provide students with the skills to shape their future leadership roles while addressing the critical issues challenging the world today. The programs provide advanced knowledge and analytical tools for the study and practice of cultural diplomacy and the potential that it has in shaping international policies and global strategies The CCDS programs are divided into the following categories: Distance Learning Courses, Professional Development Certificate Programs, and Degree Programs in Cultural Diplomacy. The CCDS Faculty is composed of professors, high profile politicians and experienced professionals from the public and private sectors. The CCDS’s faculty and advisory members have worked intensively and collectively to design innovative degree programs that provide a unique approach to the study of the fields of international relations, global economics, intercultural relations, art & culture, globalization and global governance. The traditional academic components of a degree in these fields have been adapted to fit in the dynamic, rapidly changing world. To that end, our approach to contemporary global affairs focuses also on the increasingly important roles of soft power and cultural diplomacy in world affairs. The programs are unique and innovative in their content and approach and offer professional development in cultural diplomacy and related fields. For students with an interest in foreign policy, international affairs, cultural diplomacy, political science, or international economics, the programs provide a platform from which students can gain hands-on experience and high-level knowledge; equipping students with the tools to launch their career even before the completion of their studies.

The CCDS Degree Programs operate under a joint partnership between the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy and leading European universities. The Degrees are all awarded by the Universities, which are recognized as fully accredited institutions of higher education with the right to award university degrees, are part of the Bologna Process set in place by the European Commission, and use the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) to award degrees. The programs provide the students with the advantage of learning in various major European cities and thus the opportunity to gain academic, professional and personal experience from living in different cultures.


The Partners Universities of the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies

Furtwangen University (HFU)

Furtwangen University (HFU) is one of Germany’s leading universities and is recognized for its excellence in the following areas:

  • High quality and innovation in teaching
  • Strong practical focus through collaboration with industry
  • International focus
  • Applied research
  • Continuing education and lifelong learning
  • Cooperation and motivation
  • Social responsibility and safeguarding of the future

Furtwangen University’s core focus is on science-based, practical education and training. Traditional boundaries between subject fields are removed in interdisciplinary projects. HFU is a leader in the specialist areas of engineering, computer science, information systems and management, engineering management, media, international business and health. The range of courses and programs is constantly being improved to take account of innovative developments. Our aim is to offer forward-looking degree programs to talented young people, awarding top-quality, accredited degrees which open up exceptional career opportunities. At the same time, we support the journey our students make towards becoming responsible and competent individuals with the ability to identify and solve problems independently. Additionally, through application-oriented research and academic professional development, our university supports the next generation of scientists contributing to innovation and improved skills in business and society.


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