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ICONOS (Research Institute for Communication and Culture) Animation and Interactivity with Action Script
ICONOS (Research Institute for Communication and Culture)

Animation and Interactivity with Action Script

Buenavista, Mexico

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Jul 2024

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Program Overview

Contemporary society is characterized by the development of digital technologies, which offer currently building tools easy to use since they are highly intuitive.

This has allowed the development of digital products attractive, but not always with sufficient knowledge about what is being generated. It is desirable that an experienced professional in the digital field, which dominates the fundamentals of design and new media programming, including interactive resolved by 2D animation and object-oriented programming.

For this reason, ICONOS (Research Institute for Communication and Culture), develops a specialty in Animation and Interactivity with Action Script, with the aim of preparing specialists in this field of work in booming emerging.

This specialty curriculum studied 9 subjects a year and required to attend one day a week classes because we care that our students keep working, so they can put into practice the knowledge acquired in this postgraduate.

General Objective

To train specialists to generate animated 2D solutions, considering the design of their interfaces and object-oriented programming with Action Script, to design digital interactive media.

Particular Objectives

• Distinguish the basics of 2D animation and interactivity for digital media design.

• Relate the characteristics of 2D animation and interactivity resources digital audio and video, for the development of digital multimedia.

• Select management processes, development and production of interactive media for the development of simple and complex multimedia projects.

• Recognize the building blocks of programming languages with Action Script, to compose and reconstruct digital multimedia documents.

• Integrate the principles of research to support the design of animated productions and interactive 2D.

• Identify the variables and informative communication of digital multimedia, interactive animations based on 2D.

• Apply 2D multimedia resources for designing animated interfaces, web pages, game design, designing creative presentations, among other possibilities.

• Grounding 2D multimedia work from ethical formulations, to enhance the development of the workplace.

Student Profile

Graduates with degrees in Communication or similar names, Graphic Design or similar names, marketing, computer systems or similar names. Also in systems engineering or similar names. Other degrees and engineering can enter as long as they justify their relationship to the content of the curriculum of the specialty. It must demonstrate a preparatory course for those coming from other fields of study.

Outcome Profile

The graduate of this specialty will have knowledge of 2D digital animation and its Action Script programming language for the development of digital interactive media. Also, link the audio and digital video, multimedia development are encouraged. Building also known for developing scripts to animation is not complex, as the processes of pre-production and postproduction 2D interactive animations, applied in the development of interfaces for websites, microapplicator educational games, corporate presentations, etc.

Develop skills in the selection process, its planning and management towards the design of multimedia interactive animated 2D, considering the needs of customers, users and context. Also for selecting tools and use their languages object-

oriented programming in teams of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work.

Build an attitude of responsibility and commitment to develop digital projects; Identification and understanding of the social context in which it operates and which will lead its digital products, leadership in order to target development projects 2D interactive animated multimedia.

Entry Requirements

-- Submit application for membership in the specialty.

-- Title of degree (original and copy).

-- Professional Card or proof of process (original and copy).

-- Certificate of studies to substantiate that have been covered 100% of the credits of the degree (original and copy).

-- Birth certificate (original and copy).

-- Average minimum of 8.0 in undergraduate studies. Failure to have this average, it may review the case through the Technical Council Scholar.

-- 6 passport-size photographs black and white.

-- Curriculum vitae with documents attesting.

-- Letter explanatory why you want to enter the specialty.

-- Interview with the coordinator of the specialty.

-- Letter of recommendation from school, or academic supervisor.

Foreign students should submit all documents validated by the SEP, duly translated and legalized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consul of Mexico in the country where the studies, and immigration document.

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